AM I Sirius ?

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The Onionhead planned to inform you about the status of the Sirius Corporation’s dominion today because one of our reporters saw last night some interesting changes in the systems under control of the mega-corp: Sirius Corporation is at retreat state.


So I joined the Operation Sirius Business’s voice server to learn more.

I must confess that the welcome was rather cold, and the word is weak. To begin with, it took me several hours too much time to get an administrator to answer my access request, but in the end, the type of access he gave me wouldn’t give me the necessary information for writting decent articles on the subject. In addition, any additional request from me to obtain this access has remained unanswered. After several hours After waiting in vain, I finaly left this server.


Meanwhile, I was chatting on one of the busiest social networks in the community to get a little more detail from DJTruthsayer, the Cmdr behind Operation Sirius Business, leader of Sovereignty.


Here’s what he told me : So Op:SB is a joint operation between 27 pilot groups, moving against sirius corp. We are all in this for our own reasons, but creating content for our members is the primary motivator.


We’re organised fairly simply, with each pilots group providing a leader who can join in the planning of the operation, meaning every group gets a voice. In practice our BGS experts are calling the shots, we just go and do what they tell us to!


We have knocked Sirius Corporation out of control in Takurua and are now in the process of forcing them to retreat from Avik. Our Long term plan is to take sirius corporation out of control of every system they are in, followed by forcing a retreat where possible.


What a corporate-speak, as you can see.


To the question: Do you think that the operation Protest Against Wreaken or those engaged in the framework of Deus Ex Machina Initiative have affinities with yours in terms of goals?


He replied, These groups are free to join us and we will be happy to welcome them. Our main goal is to provide fun for our members.


Did you read that: to offer fun to its members!


And I skip on the simple fact that DJTruthsayer seems totally unaware that things are happening outside of what he is organizing. It would be laughable if lives were not at stake.


This disorderly and disparate horde totally lacking discretion does not seem to be concerned by the fact that all current policies in the Milky Way are led by an shadowy group with enormous power, even they claims the contrary. They do not appear to be more concerned with the people they kill during their operation since it is for the fun.

But it isn’t surprising, after all, because during the short time I got to their voice server, I could see the prominent presence of the SDC, including the notorious Besieger, the one who killed Cmdr Salome on 29th of April. He seems to have recovered from the destruction of his ship shortly after. And to say that the spokesman of the Operation Sirius Business announces publicly that the operation was decided after the text Salomé’s Requiem was made public.

No matter the dead, the show must go on, and with a lot of glitter if possible!


Meanwhile, the communication services of the mega-corp remain silent on this attack against it. Only the local press talks about it. Possibly even amusing Sirius Corporation. We can even assume without too much risk of being mistaken that it even suits the affairs of the puppetmaster.


By our side, on the other hand, it is out of the question to continue to cover such a masquerade since we are refused to do our job properly, we prefer to linger longer on more serious subjects where we will be free to do our job.


As always, The Onionhead disclaims any responsibility for possible maltreatment of words and verbs during the writing of this article.