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[Latest News] Outbreaks, Sirius, Pleiades Sector

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Our dear Pravnet adored isn’t very chatty lately. The little it agreed to tell us about our small inhabited areas concerned mainly the political and economic state of the factions. That is very little.

And yet, there is so much to say.


Since the Club’s omni media doesn’t deign to do its job correctly, it is us, simple pilots, who will do it in its place.


So, the latest news : 


  • A wave of outbreak (pandemia?).
  • A first reaction from Sirius Corporation’s forces to the victorious assault on Takurua by Operation Sirius Business.
  • A new operation joins Deus Ex Machina Initiative.
  • Tension rising one more step between Empire and Federation.
  • A community operation proposed by an “independent” faction in the Pleiades (it seems that everyone wants to be there at the moment, to believe that this sector will soon become the holiday resort of all the VIPs of the Galaxy in the next weeks ).


A wave of outbreak


According to our colleague The Galactic Bugle, an epidemic of unprecedented epidemic and famine is currently taking place in the Core’s Worlds. And globalization compels, it also affects Colonia.

He reports about 80 systems affected at the time of the discovery a week ago, and this number has dropped by half during the past week, down to about 40 systems. The phenomenon seems to have been sudden.

The outbreaks doesn’t seem to become a pandemia.

It is astonishing to see that in these days, and regarding the enormous resources our superpowers have, such outbreaks can still take on such a magnitude.

And while we see military spending growing day after day, famine is rampant in many systems. If this continues, we’ll can even speak of a humanitarian catastrophe!

They build cruisers, outposts and infrastructures in the Pleiades or California Nebula, secretly launch the Dynasty project, an highly expensive project, which is supposed to save us in case of Thargoids invasion, and during that time we are starving!

We weren’t consulted when these decisions were made, but it is on our backs that they are build.

After that, we’ll be found some people again to say that all this is for our better good. Fortunately, there is still some common sense in this Galaxy.


Sirius Corporation strike back.

I mentioned a little communication concern with the staff who manage the organization and access of the coordination platform of Operation Sirius Business. But all this is behind us. DJTruthsayer assured us that we were welcomed on board and we’ll be given a Press access as soon as we renew the request.

Until we have this access and therefore a little more precise information, we will resume our follow-up work.

Today, the spokesman for Operation Sirius Business reported a reaction from Sirius Corporation in Takurua.

As we pointed out in our columns, Operation Sirius Business had succeeded in causing Sirius Corporation to retire from the system.

The mega-corp has taken over in hand, it seems, and has counterattacked by declaring war on Almagest Freedom Party, probably with the aim of regaining some influence in Takurua. A call to arms was immediately launched to assist the Almagest Freedom Party.

Considering things from the strict strategic point of view, it seems that Sirius Corporation also hopes to disperse the troops of Operation Sirius Business in order to slow down its progression to Avik. To say it right away, it will not be easy for the mega-corp, even it have more assets than Operation Sirius Business. Its influence in Avik hit the ground, literally.


Operation Burn Elites join Deus Ex Machina Initiative.

On the Pleiades side, things don’t look very good for Singularity Movement. Their support for The Ant Hill Mob seems to be bogged down and Pleiades Resources Enterprise regained ground later this week. This doesn’t seem to stop pilots engaged in the fight since the trend observed today is going down. You can join the coordination platform of Singurarity Mouvement by clicking here.


The battleground has also been on the side of the Federation of Pilots since Operation Burn Elites was launched last weekend.

We tried to contact a spokesperson of the operation, not without difficulty. He didn’t wish to say more, inviting us to refer to the text announcing the launch of the operation.

It will not be easy, here either, to do our job properly, but we’ll do our best.


Tension rising one more step between Empire and Federation.

One of our readers had the good idea of informing us of quite disturbing facts within the Empire. The federal troops seem to have led a rather effective coordinated attack aimed at the blockade of many imperial systems.

We were told the fact in the Cubeo system in particular. And this seems to be confirmed in other systems.

A call to arms has been launched recently to ask the federal pilots to lend a hand to the federal troops engaged in this struggle.

We don’t know much more yet, but we will keep you informed as soon as we know more.


Abroin Universal PLC lance une opération communautaire.

Yesterday, Abroin Universal Plc launched a new community goal to build an outpost in Pleiades Sector for the study of Thargoids.

This faction, hitherto unknown, is, it seems, independent and corporative in character. When this news came, everyone on the newsroom immediately thought of The Oracle and its trio of “independent” companies.

To read the text of this news, it seems this time that this “independence” is directed towards the Alliance.

The subject undoubtedly deserves further investigation.


As always, The Onionhead disclaims any responsibility for possible maltreatment of words and verbs during the writing of this article.

AM I Sirius ?

dans Freelance reports/sirius Par

The Onionhead planned to inform you about the status of the Sirius Corporation’s dominion today because one of our reporters saw last night some interesting changes in the systems under control of the mega-corp: Sirius Corporation is at retreat state.


So I joined the Operation Sirius Business’s voice server to learn more.

I must confess that the welcome was rather cold, and the word is weak. To begin with, it took me several hours too much time to get an administrator to answer my access request, but in the end, the type of access he gave me wouldn’t give me the necessary information for writting decent articles on the subject. In addition, any additional request from me to obtain this access has remained unanswered. After several hours After waiting in vain, I finaly left this server.


Meanwhile, I was chatting on one of the busiest social networks in the community to get a little more detail from DJTruthsayer, the Cmdr behind Operation Sirius Business, leader of Sovereignty.


Here’s what he told me : So Op:SB is a joint operation between 27 pilot groups, moving against sirius corp. We are all in this for our own reasons, but creating content for our members is the primary motivator.


We’re organised fairly simply, with each pilots group providing a leader who can join in the planning of the operation, meaning every group gets a voice. In practice our BGS experts are calling the shots, we just go and do what they tell us to!


We have knocked Sirius Corporation out of control in Takurua and are now in the process of forcing them to retreat from Avik. Our Long term plan is to take sirius corporation out of control of every system they are in, followed by forcing a retreat where possible.


What a corporate-speak, as you can see.


To the question: Do you think that the operation Protest Against Wreaken or those engaged in the framework of Deus Ex Machina Initiative have affinities with yours in terms of goals?


He replied, These groups are free to join us and we will be happy to welcome them. Our main goal is to provide fun for our members.


Did you read that: to offer fun to its members!


And I skip on the simple fact that DJTruthsayer seems totally unaware that things are happening outside of what he is organizing. It would be laughable if lives were not at stake.


This disorderly and disparate horde totally lacking discretion does not seem to be concerned by the fact that all current policies in the Milky Way are led by an shadowy group with enormous power, even they claims the contrary. They do not appear to be more concerned with the people they kill during their operation since it is for the fun.

But it isn’t surprising, after all, because during the short time I got to their voice server, I could see the prominent presence of the SDC, including the notorious Besieger, the one who killed Cmdr Salome on 29th of April. He seems to have recovered from the destruction of his ship shortly after. And to say that the spokesman of the Operation Sirius Business announces publicly that the operation was decided after the text Salomé’s Requiem was made public.

No matter the dead, the show must go on, and with a lot of glitter if possible!


Meanwhile, the communication services of the mega-corp remain silent on this attack against it. Only the local press talks about it. Possibly even amusing Sirius Corporation. We can even assume without too much risk of being mistaken that it even suits the affairs of the puppetmaster.


By our side, on the other hand, it is out of the question to continue to cover such a masquerade since we are refused to do our job properly, we prefer to linger longer on more serious subjects where we will be free to do our job.


As always, The Onionhead disclaims any responsibility for possible maltreatment of words and verbs during the writing of this article.

Breaking News: Operation Sirius Business scores victory against Sirius Corp in Takurua

dans Freelance reports/independants/sirius Par

After eleven days of effort, Operation Sirius Business finally scores against Sirius Corporation.

Sirius Corporation security forces in the system were harassed for 11 days. The fighting was hard, but eventually Sirius Corporation’s influence was at its lowest, giving the Takurua Legion faction the opportunity to claim control of the system.

The spokesman for Operation Sirius Business said:
“We’re very happy with the results of this first offensive. The two-pronged approach of attacking Sirius Corp along with supplying tailored support to their rivals, allowed for a change of power with a minimum of loss in lives and infrastructure.”

Operation Sirius Business is now changing its target and its forces are now moving towards the Avik system.


You will not be surprised if we tell you that Sirius Corporation has not yet bothered to speak on the subject.


At the same time, the influence of Pleiades Resources Enterprise also seems to be falling in some of the systems that the organization has under its control. It is impossible to say for the moment whether this is the result of a coordinated attack or just the fruit of the usual game of influential movements. We will keep you informed as soon as we have more details.


As always, The Onionhead disclaims any responsibility for possible maltreatment of words and verbs during the writing of this article.

Free Palin !

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Professor Palin has just spoken about the many Thargoids sites discovered around Merope by the Canonn Interstellar Research Group.

The Canonn even announced today to have discovered what seems to be the last of them, to HIP 22460, by the voice of Cmdr Olivia Vespera, closely involved in this research .

Canonn determined that it was possible to use the scan result of the Unknown Device in the central room of each site. From this scan results an audio recording which, when played from the space in the direction of an Unknown Link, activates it which then returns a characteristic sound which, once decoded, indicates the coordinates of the following site. Once there, simply repeat the operation and the Unknown Link will point a green light beam towards the next site. This is the procedure that was used to uncover the 207 sites discovered so far. But when the last Unknown Link was activated, it pointed to the HIP 22460 system which is inaccessible to date, as it is permit locked.

Here we see a characteristic will of those who manipulate us in the shadow: letting us discover what they want us to discover while preventing us from knowing too much.

This is too much !

They hinder the progress that we could make in the knowledge of our visitors from outerspace, a knowledge that could be crucial to our survival, whether friendly or hostile they are.


But let us return to the latest statements of Professor Palin at Pravnet.

We would like to remind you that Pr Palin is currently under house arrest by the feds and is therefore not free of his movements. We can therefore assume that he will not have been able to visit the site to take a closer look.

He is still an expert on the subject. And all he has been allowed to say to us is summed up in the following:

This revelation is significant not only because it gives us insight into Thargoid technology, but because it confirms the long connection between Thargoids, Unknown Artifacts and Unknown Probes.” Unfortunately, we still do not know what Recognition, Surveillance, Mapping, etc. The details are beyond our control, even after these recent discoveries. ” (Source: Pravnet)

Impossible to say, as it is, whether the Pr was authorized by the Federation to go to these sites to study them.

Otherwise, and despite the extent of his knowledge of the matter, which far exceeds those of all the teams in Canonna combined, we can assume that he will have been reduced to speculate on how little he has been able to draw from the same sources we can access.

What would we not have learned from him if he had been there?

Once again, it is the progress of free science and knowledge that is hampered.

I have been able to read from here, that some people find very well that the fate of the entire Galaxy is in the hands of this self-claimed elite group and that it is better to let them act because they certainly do for our better good.

Let’s be honest. There is no reason to think that this very powerful manipulative group is acting in our interest, at least as long as we know nothing of their agenda.


It is more important today than in any other period of our history that science can be exercised in complete freedom, and that knowledge circulates without hindrance.

The editorial team is not alone in advocating this.

On July 3rd, Cmdr DJ Truthsayer, head of the Sovereignty faction, launched a raid on the entire dominion of Sirius Corporation.


The purpose of Operation Sirius Business is to obtain from the puppetmaster that he raise the permits that impede free movement in the inhabited worlds around Sol and that he ceases to implement his plan secretly And beyond all democratic control. DJ Truthsayer said the operation would last as long as he did not get satisfaction. [Edit: Things are moving fast. The operation now also demands the immediate termination of the permit which locked access to HIP 22460. This is the latest Alien site discovered by Canonn].

Their first target was Takurua, and we can already see a serious decline in the influence of Sirius Corporation in this system.

Ceos and Sothis, well known for being the easy and fast money bastion, widely favored by the corrupting activities of Sirius Corp, was also the target of attacks.

The next day, another movement was born.

Deus Ex Machina Initiative is his name.

This is a platform for coordinating ongoing operations. The Singularity Movement, which asks the feds to let Professor Palin do his work, has already joined Deus Ex Machina Initiative and from what we know, others will soon grow their ranks. The spokesman for the initiative said: “We will provide all the logistical and human assistance needed for all operations that will join the initiative. And if we have enough resources available, we will support all operations that will asking for help. This will be a long and asymmetrical struggle, and we must cooperate as much as possible, pooling all the resources we can commit in our various operations if we are to succeed in our demands. The most powerful forces in our society are in front of us.”

We also recall that the operation of protest against the secret activities of Wreaken Construction in Col 70 Sector launched last February by Scarlet Ashcroft is still in progress. “I would not bend until I had full satisfaction with my claims,” ??she said.

Finally, a Procyon blockade led by The Ghost of Col 70 is still underway. He joined Operation Sirius Business.

Finally, it is perhaps not Thargoids that the puppetmaster should worry about, but rather about those he usualy called the plebs.


As always, The Onionhead disclaims any responsibility for possible maltreatment of words and verbs during the writing of this article.

Oresrians, Singularity mouvement, Blockade at Procyon

dans Alliance/Empire/Federation/Freelance reports/Palin/sirius/Thargoids Par

In the last few days things have been accelerating.

One should be blind for not having seen it.

Even our beloved Pravnet hastened to take hold of the hype created around the event, while she takes all her time to publish other things.

A media that claims to be objective should not focus some news and almost relegate other informations to the forgetfulness of history.

But let us pass. We know, here, and you, too, dear readers, that Pravnet is a propaganda tool.


On the 25th of June, one day before the event the Pravnet was setting up to turn our eyes elsewhere, two movements were publicly announced without anyone noticing it :


The  Procyon’s blockade by The Ghosts of Col 70, and the Singularity movement.


The first one acts as a follow-up to the protest movement against Wreaken Construction of which we spoke in our last article.

The demand has widened.


The Ghosts of Col 70 are calling on Sirius to release the technology that the mega-corp acquired from MetaDrive Inc. last year, and continues to call for the end of the permit which prevents the lambda pilots that we are from going to Col 70 Sector.

However, with regard to the most recent elements, this latter claim is increasingly legitimate.


On the other hand, the Singularity movement is posing an ultimatum to the Federation, asking it to cease keeping Pr Palin under house arrest, and also to withdraw all its armed forces from the Maia system.




The Onionhead/le Piaf : Hi, Cmdr Jellicoe. Its a real pleasure and an honnour to have you here today.


Cmdr Jellicoe : Good morning Commander and thank you for giving me this opportunity to speak to the galaxy at large


TOP : Could you remind our readers of the current situation of Pr Palin, and what consequences this might have in managing the Thargoid “crisis”?


Cmdr Jellicoe : Professor Palin is humanity’s preeminent, arguably only, researcher into the Alien mysteries. For the last few months there has been a Federation capital ship and its attendant battlegroup stationed above Palins research base, now until recently it was possible to believe that they were there with Palins approval or even at his request to provide protection for his work but the events surrounding his recent appeal for data and the subsequent theft of that data demonstrates clearly that the Federation have effectively placed the Professor under house arrest. Palins work is of vital interest to all of us. If we are to be able to communicate with the Thargoids it is most likely Professor Palin who will develop the technology to allow us do so and if we are forced to fight then his research will be vital in developing the defence systems and weaponry we will need to give us a chance. Maia is an independent system, the Federation have no jurisdiction there and we demand that they cease their interference with Professor Palins work.


TOP : So for you, the knowledge that Professor Palin has accumulated during these studies must be made public?


Cmdr Jellicoe : We’re not saying that it must be made public, obviously I would very much like to know what the Professor has learned but that is not my decision to make, what we are saying is that the Professor should be allowed to continue with his work without interference from any other party be they Federation, Empire, Alliance or independent, this is not about learning what Palin knows but restoring his freedom to pursue his work unmolested.



TOP  :  I understand well the nuance, but are not you afraid that once they are in the public domain, they can serve personal interests?


Cmdr Jellicoe : As I say I’m not demanding any data be made public, only that the Professor be free to continue his work for the benefit of us all but as a broader point. Do you trust Hudson, or Lavigny-Duval or Mahon to decide what information you and I are fit to learn? The Professor is a man I know well and who I’m honoured to call a good friend, his academic and personal integrity are beyond question I trust him much more than anyone else to make the decisions.



TOP  : Recently, in our columns, we brought to our readers’ knowledge troubling facts. In particular, the fact that on the site of federal wrecks, only one communication relay had been found intact and in perfect working order, which issued a message indicating the return of the Thargoids, while one of the Farraguts found on site Issued a message that this convoy had been attacked by a fleet of unknown ships, without specifying the nature of the fleet. Now, Professor Palin had already informed the public that our visitors from elsewhere were indeed Thargoids. It is safe to assume that, unless they were cut off from the world a little too long, the Admirals aboard the Farraguts had this knowledge in mind when they wrote the message that the wreck emitted in a loop. Elements of such a troubling nature were brought to our knowledge during the game of track leading to the discovery of the 5 planetary Thargoids sites. I know you were at the forefront of these discoveries because the very first site was discovered by Cmdr Lexi Meise, a member of the Children of Raxxla just like you. These elements evoke the intervention of a private armed force which tried to destroy the information that led Cmdr Lexi Meise to this discovery. Can you tell us a little bit more?


Cmdr Jellicoe : There is indeed some form of military force active in the Pleiades that does not appear to be a formal part of the Federation or Imperial militaries. We have found evidence of their work in the destruction of the peaceful survey ships Pandora and Victoria’s song and the disappearance (we suspect murder) of staff at a civilian communications hub and a secret military establishment has also been found in the area which contains compelling evidence that it was the base for the attacks on the Pandora and Victoria’s Song as well as Communications Hub Zeta (the communication hub in Electra system that led to the first planetary Alien site; ED), We do not yet know who this organisation is and who (if anyone) they answer to, but the fact that there is a powerful, organised and well equipped force in the Pleiades who will willingly commit acts of mass murder against civilian targets should worry us all. We are committed to uncovering the truth about this organisation and bringing them to justice.


TOP  : All this is really starting to get interesting. Someone would have us believe that the target of the Thargoids was exclusively federal, and on the other hand, someone would try to destroy everything that might lead us to another conclusion, quite awkwardly, A private army so that we can not go up to him, is that right?


Cmdr Jellicoe : We don’t know the Thargoids motivations, and we know effectively nothing about their psychology or outlook on the galaxy and almost nothing at all about any contacts the human race might have had with them in the past. If they have been observing us for any length of time it may well be that they are well aware of our internal divisions and may have indeed specifically targeted the Federation for reasons unknown, or it may just be that the Federation as the human power most vigorously expanding into the Pleiades region have simply been in the wrong place at the wrong time. I think though we should also remember that there have been persistent rumours of the destruction of an Imperial capital ship by unknown causes in Facece itself.



TOP : So, the Singularity movement takes a color, how to say …, all singular, for a few days?


Cmdr Jellicoe : Singularity has no allegiance to any faction or power, it is a movement of independent pilots who are aware that the galactic community is being lied to by our rulers, that things are being hidden from us and that efforts to shine some light on those secrets and lies, or efforts to delve into the mysteries of our galaxy are being blocked and hindered by those in positions of power. We do not believe that this is the fault of The Federation, Empire or Alliance rather we believe there is another group standing behind them, unseen but extremely powerful directing our fate as a species, we would be free to chart our own destiny.


TOP : An interesting discovery was also made on site No. 5. Once in the central chamber, and after activating the mechanism to make appear what looks like a stellar map, it was possible to scan an unknown device. The latter then emitted a characteristic sound series resembling that of the Unknown Probes. Logically, a spectral analysis was applied to it and led to a schema of the same format as that hidden in the “code” of the Unknown Probes. Once this pattern was cleared, it clearly revealed elements related to Merope, and to another system. The Canonn Interstellar Research Group as well as all the other scientific organizations are very active right now in trying to determine what the system is. Some hypotheses speak of the system Col 70 Sector FY-N C21-3 (during the time we wrote this, Canonn clearly stated that it was this system)! This hypothesis is unverifiable for the simple reason that it is inaccessible, blocked by the permit that attempts to blow up The Ghost of Col 70.

If this hypothesis were true then:

“The accident” on the secret site of Wreaken Construction & Mining in the same area,

The attack on the federal vessels transporting in “safe place” the data stolen to Pr Palin,

Pr Palin under house arrest,

The strong presence of the Feds at Maia (Maia is neighbor to Merope),

The fact that the Empire also wanted to be there,

The fact that it is compulsory to obtain access to Marco Quent by obtaining the permi for the Sirius system to be invited to meet Professor Palin,

And finaly, the fact that the patterns decrypted during the sounds emitted by the unknown apparatus of the Thargoid site No. 5 designate Merope and Col 70 Sector FY-N C21-3,

All these elements could have a link.

What do you think ?


Cmdr Jellicoe : There may very well be a link, I strongly suspect that whatever is happening in Col 70 sector and Wreaken’s determination to keep it secret despite huge cost to their business from Dr Ashcroft and Co’s actions must mean that it is connected but beyond that who knows? It could be that we are seeing connections that aren’ there, one must keep an open mind. In the end I’m not a scientist or a detective I’m just a spaceship captain.


TOP : Thank you for your time Cmdr.


As always, The Onionhead disclaims any responsibility for possible maltreatment of words and verbs during the writing of this article.

Wreaken Wrecked

dans Alliance/Empire/Federation/Freelance reports/sirius/Thargoids Par

In case you missed that, adored reader, the Galaxy derails.

There was a time not so far away, the superpowers didn’t need you so much to expand. At the time, they had their own means to carry out their imperialist policies, and when they appealed to you, it was for punctual missions, in order to remain well hidden, like when an INRA pilot delivered a certain virus to our dear visitors.

Today, the superpowers are like franchises of fast food chains. They almost don’t do anything themselves, or just the bare minimum to keep their brand capital afloat. The rest is you doing it.

Sorry if I repeat that once again but you must remember that: maintaining these puppets to the level where they are now, or even to make them rise of a on single stage only, is deleterious for the Galaxy.



I’ve been torn, in recent times, between hilarity and depression by reading your reactions to recent events on the Holo-net. The majority of the comments clearly indicate that almost everyone has swallowed without chewing the official version.

With the exception of a few people, everyone flips because the-Thargoids-are-back-and-are-going-to-rekt-us, and at the same time, everyone wants to battle with them .

Under these conditions, it is certain, we are heading for a new war against the Thargoids. And there we are wrong because we absolutely haven’t the level.

Enough time passed between the previous war and the one that seems to be on the horizon so that they have had time to strengthen their means of attack and defense. You can be assured that this time, a simple virus, even modified, couldn’t do more to save our ass.


Our ships are designed to fight ships equipped with our technology, and they are very good at that. Our tactics and strategies are perfect when it comes to destroying human ships.

But you can believe me, all this will be totally ineffective against the Thargoids.



Your attempts, though falling under the common sense, to organize yourselves for this confrontation, are derisory.

You will eat fat, very fat!

And the worst part is that you are aware of that, but that doesn’t stop you from wanting to go anyway.



Be assured that it will take time for our engineers before they allow us to defend ourselves decently, and even more to attack effectively.

And in the meantime, there will be deaths, many dead, far too many dead.

In your megalomaniac delirium to want to demonstrate to these higher beings who came from elsewhere that it is you who has the biggest dick, you will trigger a conflict that will decimate a huge part of the humanity. And that also you know, but you do not care. All that counts for you is the size of your dick, but most importantly, that everyone knows that you have the biggest one.


The superpowers have fallen under the ground for having decided to franchise and entrust these franchises to you to ensure their imperialist policies.

Proof of this is the release of the 13th Legion. You certainly remember, if you are a diligent reader of our articles, that we have recently spoken of the lack of efficiency of the Intelligence Service of the 13th Legion. They re-offend here with this statement accusing Mahon of being probably in collusion with the Thargoids, posing as a sole argument a hypothetical report that would mention it (I put all that to the capitalized conditional, eh!). Thus, they condemn Mahon on the basis of a report whose we haven’t yet seen nothing. And in my opinion, we will never see it simply because it doesn’t exist.

They are so credible, all those fools of the trigger, when they tell us they are our protectors. It would be laughable if the stakes were not so serious.


The superpuppets have lost all grandeur, all dignity, all honor!

And that doesn’t prevent them from claiming that they are all, too, and in their own way, the protectors of humanity, but by proxy: they do everything by proxy lately.



No way !



Fortunately there are a few people who are still worth a visit. It makes me feel better. I tell myself that all isn’t lost, finally, even if we are on the edge of the precipice.


A recent example is eloquent enough for me to share it with you, though it has gone almost unnoticed because of the censorship of our beloved Pravnet.




In November 3302, a public call was launched by Wreaken Construction and Mining.

The corporation is historically very close to Sirius Corporation since the two subsidiaries of Sirius Corp., Sirius Navy and Sirius Mining, have had a symbiotic relationship with the corporation since its inception, with Wreaken Construction purchasing mining equipment from Sirius Mining while that Sirius Navy ensures the protection of the sites of Wreaken Construction and the sustainability of the faction in the systems it controlled. It is also a major supplier to the Federation as well as leading shipbuilders.


I open a parenthesis that I will close very quickly.


A few days ago we published an article about the troubling elements that leave doubt about the culprit of the HIP 17044 incident, as well as another one about the relationship between Sirius Corporation and Palin. Maybe all this is in close relationship with what is happening right now.


Parenthesis closed.



On November 18, 3302, Wreaken successfully concluded his public call. It was to sell him the resources necessary to build a convoy of construction and logistics vessels. What purpose ?

The company didn’t say anything, counting on the greed of the majority of Cmdrs who people this beautiful Galaxy so as not to have to say more. It is well known, greed renders blind, deaf and dumb.


Between November 3302 and January 3303, no one heard of Wreaken Construction. At least until January 27th.

On that date, Pravnet published an article that referred to an “industrial accident” that caused the death of a person at a construction site of the box located in Col 70 Sector. It was impossible to identify the victim because it had been disfigured by very strong radiation. If we stick to Wreaken, it would be a person who tried to illegally enter the facility and was the victim of a malfunction that caused his death. According to the official version, the victim deserved his doom, he had nothing to do there. After all, it is a dangerous industrial site and people who don’t work for the corporation are not aware of the security measures in force on this kind of site.



But what kind of site is this?


The reaction of the representative of Wreaken leaves doubt as to the reality of the facts. If one keeps strictly to this news Pravnet, nothing prohibits to think that the victim could be murdered. Of course, there is no evidence to support this conclusion. An investigation has been carried out by the local authorities and it is still awaited that its progress, or even its conclusions, will be made public. In my opinion, we will wait a long time. These are certainly not people with a goldfish memory who will pull their ears so that they make the findings public.


Notably, however, the location of the Wreaken Construction site is in the middle of an area that is inaccessible to ordinary pilots like you and me since access is blocked by a permit. The Federation of Pilots, responsible for setting up these permits, have never communicated the reasons for this blockage, if it ever known it.

After some research, it seems that this blockage is fairly recent and contemporaneous with the facts that occupy us. At least, and as far as we know, it was not effective until October 3302 and was already there after November of the same year!

It can be assumed that this permit has a direct link with Wreaken Construction’s activities in the sector.



I open a parenthesis briefly to remind you of an important fact related to this history of permits in Col 70 Sector.

Last March, a distress call was received from this sector. It was issued by a Cobra, based on telemetry data. We know today that it was the Cobra that had been used to steal meta-alloy at Daniell’s Progress, in the Maia system, by Cmdrs Salome, Raan Corsen and Tsu Annabelle Singh. It was not far from this sector that the hunting who had led to the tragic death of Salome had begun. Remember !

Parenthesis closed.


It is a protest movement launched four months ago by the Cmdr Scarlett Ashcroft who has put us in the wake of this whole story.

When I told you that not everyone was lost in this bloody Galaxy!



Launched initially as a peaceful protest, this movement eventually took on a little more significance and became somewhat more offensive since Wreaken Construction’s only response to this movement was to oppose it with the usual disdain the capitalists apply to the proles we are from their eyes.

Only the historian Drew Wagar gave a little more audience to this movement. For him, this movement is a movement of historical significance!

Nothing, on the other hand, on the Pravnet side, except for a news published in the local Pravnet of Sol (besides, this fact is rather curious since the Wreaken Construction main system is Ega, not Sol).



In the aftermath, this movement grew its ranks with the arrival of an group of pirates operating in the sector, nicknamed The Ghost Of Col 70.

They decided to undermine Wreaken Construction in the systems it controlled to cut off some of its financial and logistical resources. And this movement seems to succeed, if we strictly stick to this objective, even if it did not make move Wreaken Construction of an inch concerning “the accident” and even less the Federation of Pilots in subject of the permit.


If you want to follow the evolution of the situation live, follow this link. And you can update by visiting with ED Market Connector launched and connected to your EDSM account).


Today, Wreaken Construction no longer controls any of the systems where it has its feet, except for its main system, and its influence is constantly decreasing with the latest news, and this is due to a handful of people.


Wreaken Wrecked !


Thank you, Scarlett Ashcroft, for showing that we had the power to move the lines.


Imagine a little, dear reader, if you and your friends, decided to fuck a cheerful mess in the well-oiled mechanics of the expansionist policies of our dear puppets and their minions?

It would be enough to be a little more numerous to make move, not the lines, but the Frontier!



So, I’ll let you meditate on all this.


As usual, The Onionhead disclaims any responsibility for possible maltreatment of words and verbs during the writing of this article.

Are You Sirius?

dans Freelance reports/Palin/sirius/Thargoids Par

Are you Sirius when you say that Palin could protect us against the threat that come, with his research?

It seems, so.

First, I thought it was a joke but it is not.

Are you Sirius when you say that Palin is independant, that helping Palin is fighting against feds or imps ? Are you kidding me ?


Please, be serious for real !

Palin is on the hands of Sirius Corp. And it is absolutely not a guarantee of independence. In fact, Palin is a Sirius’s slave, nothing more.

The most he did with his research was to create corrosive resistant cargo holds !

The real serious thing done with his research was done by Sirius Corp. Sorry, by you, in fact (Sirius did nothing more than paying you to do the job). Remember, it was during the last year, when Sirius Corp asked us to provide meta alloy to the company, Sirius promised to increase resistance against corrosion to station services. Without your help, Sirius would done nothing more than a fart.

You have to understand me well : Palin is providing cargo modules that you can use to haul Unknown Artifacts and sell it in black markets. That’s precisely what is destroying station services. And Sirius requested you help to increase station service resistance to avoid the problem Palin created. It is what I’d call self-fulfilling prophecy. And today, Palin request your help to provide him with the data you can catch by scanning wakes of the unknown ship, and you believe that this guy will help us against what he’s considering like a threat without any evidences of that ? You put your trust on them ?

Are you Sirius ?

Sirius is not independent. Sirius is helpless. Sirius is powerless. Sirius is just a puppet, like all the other inappropriately called “super powers”.

And you ?

Well, you are just their slaves. Do you realize that you are slaves of puppets in the hands of another one ?

By accepting this slavery condition, you give his power to the puppetmaster.

Stop help the helpless, stop power-playing the powerless, and the puppetmaster will lose his real power.

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