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[Breaking News] Is “The Hand of God” protecting The Pilots Federation ?

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Just this once, we will talk about the very discreet Operation Burn Elites.


Our regular readers knows that we’re following closely the operations actualy en cours that aims to uncover the so-called Club, this bunch of self claimed “true elites” grand bourgeois who shadowy manipulate the superpowers and the mega-corporations to achieve an agenda that we don’t know anything about.


Until now, we had talk mostly about Operation Sirius Business, Singularity Movement, Protest Against Wreaken, and finaly Deus Ex Machina Initiative.


Deus Ex Machina Initiative was created to be a frame of resources sharing. In this frame, Singularity Movement and Operation Burn Elites was deployed, and with success in the case of Singularity Movement.

Operation Burn Elites stayed discreet and hadn’t respond to our repeatedly demand of informations

We were, therefore, confined to examining, with a magnifying glass, the play of influences in systems under the control of The Pilots Federation, and those in which the faction is present.


We genuily thought that Operation Burn Elites was struggling to start because since its launch on July 16, 3303, no noticeable changes has been observed by our teams examining faction’s influence levels in these systems.


Yesterday the Operation Burn Elites spokesperson contacted us to bring to our attention some disturbing points:


“Since the start of the operation on 16 July, Cmdrs returning from a long exploration began work on influences according to a well-established and planned roadmap. They have sold nearly 400 million cr of exploration data in systems where The Pilots Federation is present in order to destabilize its influence. Our main goal is to get The Pilots Federation out of all these systems, we have to go through the war before we can put them into retreat, and to do that, we have to play with the influences of others prior. This is what these explorers did by selling their data to specific factions in each of the target systems, at a rate of 5 to 10 million per day each, rotating daily until they no longer have anything for sale. Nearly 400 million were sold and we expected this first phase to have a significant impact. This phase lasted a little more than a week. We didn’t see any change. We know that the system of updating the display of these changes of state can sometimes show some weaknesses, so this hasn’t particularly focused our attention and we have moved to the second phase of our operations. This time, more than forty pilots were involved in various activities, always following our roadmap. To date, we have seen no significant change regarding the level of influences of our targets, which is simply impossible!”


He showed us that the curves of influence of the systems where The Pilots Federation is present or in position of control are flat and haven’t moved more than one tenth of a percent since July 7, when the Pilots Federation extended to Eravate and some other surrounding systems, following the community goal that ended on 29 June 3303. The influences of the other factions are fluctuating as usual, which is really weird !

It isn’t impossible that it’d just the access to the data that could be blocked, giving us this impression of total immobility, or it’d just something else that could totally escaped us.


If this is what the Club has found best to do to preserve The Pilots Federation, it can be said that it didn’t act there in the discretion that typically characterizes it.

These manipulations are indeed very crude and totally awkward.

It puts us in a position to assert without too much risk that, contrary to what some have said, The Pilots Federation is indeed a piece of choice in the strategy put in place by the Club to achieve its objectives.


As always, The Onionhead disclaims any responsibility for possible maltreatment of words and verbs during the writing of this article.

Breaking News: Operation Burn Elites

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While the Shadow Cartel sends us his Oracle in the Pleiades, Deus Ex Machina Initiative sees his ranks grow.


The Operation Burn Elites, this is its name, was released yesterday evening discreetly and immediately joined the Initiative.

Its objective is nothing less than besieging the Federation of the Pilots at Shinrarta Dezhra.

The number of claims to be met for ending the seat include the cancellation of a few permit-locking in the following sector: Col 70, Barnard ‘Loop, Regor, and the permit-lock that block the access of HIP 24460, the end of the house arrest of Pr Palin by the feds, – taking into account the demand of the Singularity Movement, also part of the Initiative -, the withdrawal of the federal and imperial troops, – this last point is new -,  in the whole Pleiades Sector, including Maia, and the end of any interference from Superpowers in Pleiades Sector.


The newsroom tried to find out more by contacting the Cmdr who had posted the public announcement of the operation to tell us more but he didn’t even respond while we write these lines.


The Pilots Federation besieged in Shinrarta Dezhra, nothing but that!

You have to be damned reckless, or you can be really self-assured, to get involved in such an operation.

However, it must be said that they chose the right moment.


Indeed, since the 4th of July, the social and political situation in the Shinrarta system wasn’t very good for the Pilots Federation. Many protest movements broke out and spread like wildfire in all places where the faction is present in the system.

Taking advantage of the opportunity, The Dark Wheel, until then rather calm and discreet, has redoubled efforts to develop its commercial network. And it did well because today, the latter is in an economic boom.

The misfortune of some is the happiness of others.


The Dark Wheel.

They’re usually arousing as much fascination, fear and admiration. To be still there after several centuries of turmoil is enough to create this kind of feeling, actually.


So clever, the one who can says what all this will lead to, but one thing is sure, it surely will not help the shenanigans of our dear puppetmaster.

Or not, who knows.


As always, The Onionhead disclaims any responsibility for possible maltreatment of words and verbs during the writing of this article.


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