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Breaking News: Operation Burn Elites

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While the Shadow Cartel sends us his Oracle in the Pleiades, Deus Ex Machina Initiative sees his ranks grow.


The Operation Burn Elites, this is its name, was released yesterday evening discreetly and immediately joined the Initiative.

Its objective is nothing less than besieging the Federation of the Pilots at Shinrarta Dezhra.

The number of claims to be met for ending the seat include the cancellation of a few permit-locking in the following sector: Col 70, Barnard ‘Loop, Regor, and the permit-lock that block the access of HIP 24460, the end of the house arrest of Pr Palin by the feds, – taking into account the demand of the Singularity Movement, also part of the Initiative -, the withdrawal of the federal and imperial troops, – this last point is new -,  in the whole Pleiades Sector, including Maia, and the end of any interference from Superpowers in Pleiades Sector.


The newsroom tried to find out more by contacting the Cmdr who had posted the public announcement of the operation to tell us more but he didn’t even respond while we write these lines.


The Pilots Federation besieged in Shinrarta Dezhra, nothing but that!

You have to be damned reckless, or you can be really self-assured, to get involved in such an operation.

However, it must be said that they chose the right moment.


Indeed, since the 4th of July, the social and political situation in the Shinrarta system wasn’t very good for the Pilots Federation. Many protest movements broke out and spread like wildfire in all places where the faction is present in the system.

Taking advantage of the opportunity, The Dark Wheel, until then rather calm and discreet, has redoubled efforts to develop its commercial network. And it did well because today, the latter is in an economic boom.

The misfortune of some is the happiness of others.


The Dark Wheel.

They’re usually arousing as much fascination, fear and admiration. To be still there after several centuries of turmoil is enough to create this kind of feeling, actually.


So clever, the one who can says what all this will lead to, but one thing is sure, it surely will not help the shenanigans of our dear puppetmaster.

Or not, who knows.


As always, The Onionhead disclaims any responsibility for possible maltreatment of words and verbs during the writing of this article.


Summer Great Expedition

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Since the technology of our FSD drives has improved, exploration of deep space has been greatly changed. The time of the pioneers is over. The Galaxy has narrowed and previously difficult points of access are now within the reach of the majority, with a long-term effort and some risk-taking.


Our dear leaders stay warm in the promiscuity offered by this small inhabited bubble so-called the Core Worlds. It seems to suit them, even if it’s true that they feel cramped out there, just see their policies explicitly expansionist. They have the nose in the handlebars of their scams, their manipulations, and some even hate flying in space. They therefore imagine that what they experience is great, beautiful, and the power they exercise or think they exert on our lives gives them the jubilation that one can feel during the loss of lucidity that usually accompanies psychotic access . One cannot blame them, the exercise of power demands to muffle the cries of conscience and the empathy that characterizes our species. This has always been the case, and this is even more true today, while human history has never known such extensive dominions.


The puppets that are our leaders have always expressed their contempt for the community of independent explorers, and for good reason, it reminds them of how far back they lack of objectivity and the height of the vacuity of their ambitions.


That is why we are going to give the floor to this community today, and in particular to an expedition en cours: the Summer Great Expedition, launched to join Beagle Point in the footsteps of the pioneers of the Distant Worlds expedition.

Its organizer, Cmdr Kazahnn Drahnn, kindly answered our questions.


The Onionhead / Piaf: Hello Cmdr Kazahnn Drahnn. Can you introduce yourself in a few words to our readers?


Kazahnn Drahnn: Hello to all, so I introduce myself, I am the Cmdr Kazahnn Drahnn of the LOSP. I am in charge of an Anaconda, the “Venator”, which I optimized thanks to the engineers in grade 5 for exploration.

My crew is composed of thirty mainly military personnel, even if the ship is not armed, with a scientific team to study any finds.

I recently joined the Magellan division of the LOSP, which allowed me to form the Summer Great Expedition.


TOP: How did you come up with such a long expedition? I remind you that the Summer Great Expedition is an expedition to Beagle Point. It’s not the next door.


Kazahnn Drahnn: One evening in March 3303 I was in the Pleiades sector with Cmdrs Yuksarr and Kalhaan and we were looking for Cmdr Salomé. After several hours of research in the systems by crossing our data and by informing the various ships of the other factions in search of her, we decided to stop the investigations.

Cmdr Kalhaan returned to Jitabos, and then Yuksarr and I went down a little further down towards 46 Eridani. We were able to discuss our future projects and one of them was common to us. The one to reach Beagle Point.

That’s how the idea of bringing together a small group of explorers to reach Beagle Point came up to me.


TOP: How many pilots participate? Are they all seasoned explorers?


Kazahnn Drahnn: At present, the Summer Great Expedition has 79 commanders, 46 of whom are fleet A and 33 are fleet B.

Some are seasoned explorers, others are novices. But from now on, as we reached Beagle Point and are en route for our return, I think we can all be qualified as seasoned explorers, if I may. However, everyone, no matter their level at the start of the expedition, learned a lot during the trip. We all stuck together in the tough times, like the day we lost our first SRV in a terrible accident at the first Waypoint in the Eta Carina Nebula. Moreover, for the small anecdote the place of the accident was referenced in the “Galactic Mapping Project” under the name of “Hathor’s Prophecy”, a mixture of the names of the two commanders involved in the catastrophy.


TOP: A french-speaking expedition, but I understand that english and german-speaking were also part of the game?


Kazahnn Drahnn: At first, the expedition was intended to be exclusively french-speaking, or even reserved exclusively for members of the LOSP. However, after reflection, I decided to open this one to all the members of the french-speaking community in order to make the most of this experience to many on the other side of the galaxy.

Then, by publishing our expedition on the main holonet forum, several english-speaking commanders decided to take part in the tour, and it was with great pleasure that we welcomed them.

Finally, since Cmdr Melbus was bilingual (french and german-speaking), he told the german community that we were going to Beagle Point and that is how we also counted among the germans.


TOP : This diversity of communities around the ancient languages of our good old Earth seems to be totally ignored by our dear leaders, indeed. You mentioned a disaster, have you had any losses during the trip?


Kazahnn Drahnn: Overall, the whole expedition went well.

But as I mentioned above, our first loss was to be deplored at the first waypoint in the Eta Carina nebula. An accident involving an SRV and an ASP Explorer.

Then we lost the Cmdr Snake (german-speaking) at the waypoint in the Rendezvous Point system, he didn’t negotiated well its descent on the planet and was destroyed instantly.

Then, Cmdr Mist0 crashed during a bad maneuver by looking for geysers or other POIs on a mysterious planet identified in the Galactic Mapping Project under the name of “Heavenly Mists” because it is very dense in mist and possessing a special relief steep, and therefore very dangerous.

The Cmdr Astrix Swayer also lost its Diamondback Explorer due to technical incidents at rehearsals of a massjump.

It is for Fleet A the three losses which we have had to deplore.

For Fleet B, there were also a few casualties. Cmdr Penpenbf was destroyed by a pirate mod when he arrived at Sagittarius A *, unthinkable as far from the bubble but yet it is a reality. He had technical concerns that caused his loss.


TOP: This kind of expedition is anything but a health walk, as all too often let the officials of various shores hear. With regard to the two convoys, why split the expedition into two convoys?


Kazahnn Drahnn: Splitting the expedition into two parts came from a need of some of us, who come from the Wing Atlantis, to make another trip. Their goal was not to reach Beagle Point unlike us, but we still decided to fly under the same banner at least for the first two waypoints. We segregated the fleet in Hawking’s Gap. Their objective was to carry out a reconnaissance survey of the abandoned bases that can be found in the Hawking’s Gap and the Conflux, while passing by Sagittarius A * and Colonia. This for personal purposes.


TOP: You told me, off, that the SGE was close involved in the Galactic Mapping Project? This is a project that we know very well , some of us, amoung our newsroom, have been actively involved. Can you talk to us about that?


Kazahnn Drahnn: The expedition is of course a partner of the Galactic Mapping Project. In short, the LOSP has been the ally of the Children of Raxxla for a long time and we have always worked hand in hand regardless of geopolitical contexts. It was obvious to me that we were moving closer to Erimus Kamzel and the Galactic Mapping Project for such an ambitious project.

The idea is to list all the peculiarities that our galaxy can contain in order to improve the navigation map of all the pilots in their future voyages within the Milky Way.

Currently, the expedition has proposed several POIs and three have been retained to enrich the galactic map:



TOP: Now that you have a communication platform dedicated to french-speaking explorers, you have solid foundations for future projects. Do you already have such projects?


Kazahnn Drahnn: Since the Summer Expedition was a great success, we have already started to think about other expeditions / explorations more or less long. But I can not tell you more because they are “work in progress” status.


TOP: Thank you so much for spending some of your time, and good flight to all the expedition.


Kazahnn Drahnn: I also thank you and good news for your newspaper, which is very much appreciated by my crew and by the crews of the other ships as well.


As always, The Onionhead disclaims any responsibility for possible maltreatment of words and verbs during the writing of this article.

Breaking News : An independent scientist escapes from death !

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Recently a Community Goal was carried out with the aim of enabling Pleiades Resources Enterprise to build an outpost to serve as an observation post in order to ensure our security against possible Thargoids attacks.

We have reported in our columns that this federal interference is not to the liking of lovers of free science. They demanded the lifting of the house arrest that weighs on Professor Palin in Maia as well as the withdrawal of the federal troops from Pleiades Sector.

To ensure our safety, they say.
In the past, security has often served as a pretext for much interference, or worst.

An incident that happened yesterday contradicts all this beautiful propaganda. It almost cost the life of an independent scientist.

But let’s see what he has to say.


TOP: What’s your name?
Cmdr Virgil Cooler King: Virgil Cooler King, of the faction SANCTIS …. Call me Cooler.

TOP: You seem to be shaken up?
Cmdr Virgil Cooler King: Incredible these guys! … Not even armed! … Not a cannon or even a gun on my ASP Explorer! I do not understand?!…

TOP: Keep your calm Cmdr. Tell us what led you to Maia?
Cmdr Virgil Cooler King: Am invited by Palin, at that time I just finished my first delivery of fragments. I saw nothing at the landing. I had not noticed the beast!

TOP: The beast? What are you talking about exactly?
Cmdr Virgil Cooler King: It’s by lifting off! I noticed a cloud of ships above the research center … Then I saw the monster! A Farragut cruiser of the Federation!

TOP: Ah yes, I understand better. Everyone knows that a federal cruiser is posted over the base of Pr Palin. He’s under well guard. What did you do then?

Cmdr Virgil Cooler King: Rather curious by nature, I approached to put an eye on it for a moment, as well as the small devices that whirled around, all was quite normal… Then I turned to the void and started my FSD.

TOP: And then?
Cmdr Virgil Cooler King: This is when the I.A. warned me! We were attacked! I turned and saw the Fed’s cruiser that was also firing at the other small ships around it! I could not tell you who had assaulted who? … Am not armed as I said, and my hull is paper thin!

TOP: Quite curious indeed. You seem to be saying that the chain of command aboard the federal cruiser would have lost their mind? This will give the protesters an additional reason to ask for the lifting of the house arrest on the professor. Okay, and then?

Cmdr Virgil Cooler King: Everything went very fast, I had to flee as fast as possible! Lack of fortune, my FSD triggers no faster than me! And there! 2 shots and … Boom! Just had time to jump into the pod … I was lucky a guy in Cobra came to pick me up and took me back to the research center. Otherwise I would still be dead…

TOP: Wow! It was a close call. Well, and otherwise, what do you think of all this now that you are safe?

Cmdr Virgil Cooler King: What does this ship look like at Palin ?! … Does he protect him or threaten him? … In any case, I threatened no one! All these services I have rendered them! … They have drawn me in the back like a bird, the cowards! … I am disgusted!

One can understand it, which would not be so.
Fly safe, Cmdr, and keep serving science as you do.


As always, The Onionhead disclaims any responsibility for possible maltreatment of words and verbs during the writing of this article.

Breaking News : The Oracle of Pleiades Sector

dans Federation/Freelance reports/Thargoids Par

Today, our beloved Pravnet gave us a short news.

Apart from the usual reports concerning the political, economic and social condition of our little bubble, the propaganda organ of the Club doesn’t offer us much interesting news.

Thus, it deserved to be mentioned.


But it must be confessed that it wasn’t only the scarcity of interesting news that attracted our attention.

Reading this one carefully, several elements seemed strange to us.


The name of the station to start. The Oracle. This rather curious name has evoked some texts from the works of the historian Drew Wagar (from p160 to p176). We are currently researching whether this is interesting enough to be developed. If so, this article will be edited accordingly. Nonetheless, it could be totaly irrelevant. [Edit] : It seems that the Oracle mentioned on the Drew Wagar’s work is more a legend than something that was historycaly.


Beyond the name, a number of points are quite disturbing to be mentioned.


The Oracle is controlled by the I.P.S.A.L Project faction


After some research on the holonet, nothing more interesting could be found.


I.P.S.A.L Project is a small independent corporation which now controls the Pleiades Sector IR-W d1-55 system. This faction shares this occupation with two other factions: Janus Incorporated and Rational Logistics. Both are independents and are corporations. These 3 factions are not present anywhere else.


We find it strange that Pravnet mentions that the Oracle is expected to arrive in the Pleiades Sector IR-W D1-55 within the next few days, although this presence is already listed elsewhere. Someone seems eager to see these 3 factions installed in this system.


Would the Club have asked the feds to be more discreet in Pleiades Sector by inviting them to act through small independents corporate factions that no one had heard of so far?


Admittedly, Pleiades Resource Enterprise is starting to be a bit too showy.


As always, The Onionhead disclaims any responsibility for possible maltreatment of words and verbs during the writing of this article.

Breaking News: Operation Sirius Business scores victory against Sirius Corp in Takurua

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After eleven days of effort, Operation Sirius Business finally scores against Sirius Corporation.

Sirius Corporation security forces in the system were harassed for 11 days. The fighting was hard, but eventually Sirius Corporation’s influence was at its lowest, giving the Takurua Legion faction the opportunity to claim control of the system.

The spokesman for Operation Sirius Business said:
“We’re very happy with the results of this first offensive. The two-pronged approach of attacking Sirius Corp along with supplying tailored support to their rivals, allowed for a change of power with a minimum of loss in lives and infrastructure.”

Operation Sirius Business is now changing its target and its forces are now moving towards the Avik system.


You will not be surprised if we tell you that Sirius Corporation has not yet bothered to speak on the subject.


At the same time, the influence of Pleiades Resources Enterprise also seems to be falling in some of the systems that the organization has under its control. It is impossible to say for the moment whether this is the result of a coordinated attack or just the fruit of the usual game of influential movements. We will keep you informed as soon as we have more details.


As always, The Onionhead disclaims any responsibility for possible maltreatment of words and verbs during the writing of this article.

Free Palin !

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Professor Palin has just spoken about the many Thargoids sites discovered around Merope by the Canonn Interstellar Research Group.

The Canonn even announced today to have discovered what seems to be the last of them, to HIP 22460, by the voice of Cmdr Olivia Vespera, closely involved in this research .

Canonn determined that it was possible to use the scan result of the Unknown Device in the central room of each site. From this scan results an audio recording which, when played from the space in the direction of an Unknown Link, activates it which then returns a characteristic sound which, once decoded, indicates the coordinates of the following site. Once there, simply repeat the operation and the Unknown Link will point a green light beam towards the next site. This is the procedure that was used to uncover the 207 sites discovered so far. But when the last Unknown Link was activated, it pointed to the HIP 22460 system which is inaccessible to date, as it is permit locked.

Here we see a characteristic will of those who manipulate us in the shadow: letting us discover what they want us to discover while preventing us from knowing too much.

This is too much !

They hinder the progress that we could make in the knowledge of our visitors from outerspace, a knowledge that could be crucial to our survival, whether friendly or hostile they are.


But let us return to the latest statements of Professor Palin at Pravnet.

We would like to remind you that Pr Palin is currently under house arrest by the feds and is therefore not free of his movements. We can therefore assume that he will not have been able to visit the site to take a closer look.

He is still an expert on the subject. And all he has been allowed to say to us is summed up in the following:

This revelation is significant not only because it gives us insight into Thargoid technology, but because it confirms the long connection between Thargoids, Unknown Artifacts and Unknown Probes.” Unfortunately, we still do not know what Recognition, Surveillance, Mapping, etc. The details are beyond our control, even after these recent discoveries. ” (Source: Pravnet)

Impossible to say, as it is, whether the Pr was authorized by the Federation to go to these sites to study them.

Otherwise, and despite the extent of his knowledge of the matter, which far exceeds those of all the teams in Canonna combined, we can assume that he will have been reduced to speculate on how little he has been able to draw from the same sources we can access.

What would we not have learned from him if he had been there?

Once again, it is the progress of free science and knowledge that is hampered.

I have been able to read from here, that some people find very well that the fate of the entire Galaxy is in the hands of this self-claimed elite group and that it is better to let them act because they certainly do for our better good.

Let’s be honest. There is no reason to think that this very powerful manipulative group is acting in our interest, at least as long as we know nothing of their agenda.


It is more important today than in any other period of our history that science can be exercised in complete freedom, and that knowledge circulates without hindrance.

The editorial team is not alone in advocating this.

On July 3rd, Cmdr DJ Truthsayer, head of the Sovereignty faction, launched a raid on the entire dominion of Sirius Corporation.


The purpose of Operation Sirius Business is to obtain from the puppetmaster that he raise the permits that impede free movement in the inhabited worlds around Sol and that he ceases to implement his plan secretly And beyond all democratic control. DJ Truthsayer said the operation would last as long as he did not get satisfaction. [Edit: Things are moving fast. The operation now also demands the immediate termination of the permit which locked access to HIP 22460. This is the latest Alien site discovered by Canonn].

Their first target was Takurua, and we can already see a serious decline in the influence of Sirius Corporation in this system.

Ceos and Sothis, well known for being the easy and fast money bastion, widely favored by the corrupting activities of Sirius Corp, was also the target of attacks.

The next day, another movement was born.

Deus Ex Machina Initiative is his name.

This is a platform for coordinating ongoing operations. The Singularity Movement, which asks the feds to let Professor Palin do his work, has already joined Deus Ex Machina Initiative and from what we know, others will soon grow their ranks. The spokesman for the initiative said: “We will provide all the logistical and human assistance needed for all operations that will join the initiative. And if we have enough resources available, we will support all operations that will asking for help. This will be a long and asymmetrical struggle, and we must cooperate as much as possible, pooling all the resources we can commit in our various operations if we are to succeed in our demands. The most powerful forces in our society are in front of us.”

We also recall that the operation of protest against the secret activities of Wreaken Construction in Col 70 Sector launched last February by Scarlet Ashcroft is still in progress. “I would not bend until I had full satisfaction with my claims,” ??she said.

Finally, a Procyon blockade led by The Ghost of Col 70 is still underway. He joined Operation Sirius Business.

Finally, it is perhaps not Thargoids that the puppetmaster should worry about, but rather about those he usualy called the plebs.


As always, The Onionhead disclaims any responsibility for possible maltreatment of words and verbs during the writing of this article.

Oresrians, Singularity mouvement, Blockade at Procyon

dans Alliance/Empire/Federation/Freelance reports/Palin/sirius/Thargoids Par

In the last few days things have been accelerating.

One should be blind for not having seen it.

Even our beloved Pravnet hastened to take hold of the hype created around the event, while she takes all her time to publish other things.

A media that claims to be objective should not focus some news and almost relegate other informations to the forgetfulness of history.

But let us pass. We know, here, and you, too, dear readers, that Pravnet is a propaganda tool.


On the 25th of June, one day before the event the Pravnet was setting up to turn our eyes elsewhere, two movements were publicly announced without anyone noticing it :


The  Procyon’s blockade by The Ghosts of Col 70, and the Singularity movement.


The first one acts as a follow-up to the protest movement against Wreaken Construction of which we spoke in our last article.

The demand has widened.


The Ghosts of Col 70 are calling on Sirius to release the technology that the mega-corp acquired from MetaDrive Inc. last year, and continues to call for the end of the permit which prevents the lambda pilots that we are from going to Col 70 Sector.

However, with regard to the most recent elements, this latter claim is increasingly legitimate.


On the other hand, the Singularity movement is posing an ultimatum to the Federation, asking it to cease keeping Pr Palin under house arrest, and also to withdraw all its armed forces from the Maia system.




The Onionhead/le Piaf : Hi, Cmdr Jellicoe. Its a real pleasure and an honnour to have you here today.


Cmdr Jellicoe : Good morning Commander and thank you for giving me this opportunity to speak to the galaxy at large


TOP : Could you remind our readers of the current situation of Pr Palin, and what consequences this might have in managing the Thargoid “crisis”?


Cmdr Jellicoe : Professor Palin is humanity’s preeminent, arguably only, researcher into the Alien mysteries. For the last few months there has been a Federation capital ship and its attendant battlegroup stationed above Palins research base, now until recently it was possible to believe that they were there with Palins approval or even at his request to provide protection for his work but the events surrounding his recent appeal for data and the subsequent theft of that data demonstrates clearly that the Federation have effectively placed the Professor under house arrest. Palins work is of vital interest to all of us. If we are to be able to communicate with the Thargoids it is most likely Professor Palin who will develop the technology to allow us do so and if we are forced to fight then his research will be vital in developing the defence systems and weaponry we will need to give us a chance. Maia is an independent system, the Federation have no jurisdiction there and we demand that they cease their interference with Professor Palins work.


TOP : So for you, the knowledge that Professor Palin has accumulated during these studies must be made public?


Cmdr Jellicoe : We’re not saying that it must be made public, obviously I would very much like to know what the Professor has learned but that is not my decision to make, what we are saying is that the Professor should be allowed to continue with his work without interference from any other party be they Federation, Empire, Alliance or independent, this is not about learning what Palin knows but restoring his freedom to pursue his work unmolested.



TOP  :  I understand well the nuance, but are not you afraid that once they are in the public domain, they can serve personal interests?


Cmdr Jellicoe : As I say I’m not demanding any data be made public, only that the Professor be free to continue his work for the benefit of us all but as a broader point. Do you trust Hudson, or Lavigny-Duval or Mahon to decide what information you and I are fit to learn? The Professor is a man I know well and who I’m honoured to call a good friend, his academic and personal integrity are beyond question I trust him much more than anyone else to make the decisions.



TOP  : Recently, in our columns, we brought to our readers’ knowledge troubling facts. In particular, the fact that on the site of federal wrecks, only one communication relay had been found intact and in perfect working order, which issued a message indicating the return of the Thargoids, while one of the Farraguts found on site Issued a message that this convoy had been attacked by a fleet of unknown ships, without specifying the nature of the fleet. Now, Professor Palin had already informed the public that our visitors from elsewhere were indeed Thargoids. It is safe to assume that, unless they were cut off from the world a little too long, the Admirals aboard the Farraguts had this knowledge in mind when they wrote the message that the wreck emitted in a loop. Elements of such a troubling nature were brought to our knowledge during the game of track leading to the discovery of the 5 planetary Thargoids sites. I know you were at the forefront of these discoveries because the very first site was discovered by Cmdr Lexi Meise, a member of the Children of Raxxla just like you. These elements evoke the intervention of a private armed force which tried to destroy the information that led Cmdr Lexi Meise to this discovery. Can you tell us a little bit more?


Cmdr Jellicoe : There is indeed some form of military force active in the Pleiades that does not appear to be a formal part of the Federation or Imperial militaries. We have found evidence of their work in the destruction of the peaceful survey ships Pandora and Victoria’s song and the disappearance (we suspect murder) of staff at a civilian communications hub and a secret military establishment has also been found in the area which contains compelling evidence that it was the base for the attacks on the Pandora and Victoria’s Song as well as Communications Hub Zeta (the communication hub in Electra system that led to the first planetary Alien site; ED), We do not yet know who this organisation is and who (if anyone) they answer to, but the fact that there is a powerful, organised and well equipped force in the Pleiades who will willingly commit acts of mass murder against civilian targets should worry us all. We are committed to uncovering the truth about this organisation and bringing them to justice.


TOP  : All this is really starting to get interesting. Someone would have us believe that the target of the Thargoids was exclusively federal, and on the other hand, someone would try to destroy everything that might lead us to another conclusion, quite awkwardly, A private army so that we can not go up to him, is that right?


Cmdr Jellicoe : We don’t know the Thargoids motivations, and we know effectively nothing about their psychology or outlook on the galaxy and almost nothing at all about any contacts the human race might have had with them in the past. If they have been observing us for any length of time it may well be that they are well aware of our internal divisions and may have indeed specifically targeted the Federation for reasons unknown, or it may just be that the Federation as the human power most vigorously expanding into the Pleiades region have simply been in the wrong place at the wrong time. I think though we should also remember that there have been persistent rumours of the destruction of an Imperial capital ship by unknown causes in Facece itself.



TOP : So, the Singularity movement takes a color, how to say …, all singular, for a few days?


Cmdr Jellicoe : Singularity has no allegiance to any faction or power, it is a movement of independent pilots who are aware that the galactic community is being lied to by our rulers, that things are being hidden from us and that efforts to shine some light on those secrets and lies, or efforts to delve into the mysteries of our galaxy are being blocked and hindered by those in positions of power. We do not believe that this is the fault of The Federation, Empire or Alliance rather we believe there is another group standing behind them, unseen but extremely powerful directing our fate as a species, we would be free to chart our own destiny.


TOP : An interesting discovery was also made on site No. 5. Once in the central chamber, and after activating the mechanism to make appear what looks like a stellar map, it was possible to scan an unknown device. The latter then emitted a characteristic sound series resembling that of the Unknown Probes. Logically, a spectral analysis was applied to it and led to a schema of the same format as that hidden in the “code” of the Unknown Probes. Once this pattern was cleared, it clearly revealed elements related to Merope, and to another system. The Canonn Interstellar Research Group as well as all the other scientific organizations are very active right now in trying to determine what the system is. Some hypotheses speak of the system Col 70 Sector FY-N C21-3 (during the time we wrote this, Canonn clearly stated that it was this system)! This hypothesis is unverifiable for the simple reason that it is inaccessible, blocked by the permit that attempts to blow up The Ghost of Col 70.

If this hypothesis were true then:

“The accident” on the secret site of Wreaken Construction & Mining in the same area,

The attack on the federal vessels transporting in “safe place” the data stolen to Pr Palin,

Pr Palin under house arrest,

The strong presence of the Feds at Maia (Maia is neighbor to Merope),

The fact that the Empire also wanted to be there,

The fact that it is compulsory to obtain access to Marco Quent by obtaining the permi for the Sirius system to be invited to meet Professor Palin,

And finaly, the fact that the patterns decrypted during the sounds emitted by the unknown apparatus of the Thargoid site No. 5 designate Merope and Col 70 Sector FY-N C21-3,

All these elements could have a link.

What do you think ?


Cmdr Jellicoe : There may very well be a link, I strongly suspect that whatever is happening in Col 70 sector and Wreaken’s determination to keep it secret despite huge cost to their business from Dr Ashcroft and Co’s actions must mean that it is connected but beyond that who knows? It could be that we are seeing connections that aren’ there, one must keep an open mind. In the end I’m not a scientist or a detective I’m just a spaceship captain.


TOP : Thank you for your time Cmdr.


As always, The Onionhead disclaims any responsibility for possible maltreatment of words and verbs during the writing of this article.

Wreaken Wrecked

dans Alliance/Empire/Federation/Freelance reports/sirius/Thargoids Par

In case you missed that, adored reader, the Galaxy derails.

There was a time not so far away, the superpowers didn’t need you so much to expand. At the time, they had their own means to carry out their imperialist policies, and when they appealed to you, it was for punctual missions, in order to remain well hidden, like when an INRA pilot delivered a certain virus to our dear visitors.

Today, the superpowers are like franchises of fast food chains. They almost don’t do anything themselves, or just the bare minimum to keep their brand capital afloat. The rest is you doing it.

Sorry if I repeat that once again but you must remember that: maintaining these puppets to the level where they are now, or even to make them rise of a on single stage only, is deleterious for the Galaxy.



I’ve been torn, in recent times, between hilarity and depression by reading your reactions to recent events on the Holo-net. The majority of the comments clearly indicate that almost everyone has swallowed without chewing the official version.

With the exception of a few people, everyone flips because the-Thargoids-are-back-and-are-going-to-rekt-us, and at the same time, everyone wants to battle with them .

Under these conditions, it is certain, we are heading for a new war against the Thargoids. And there we are wrong because we absolutely haven’t the level.

Enough time passed between the previous war and the one that seems to be on the horizon so that they have had time to strengthen their means of attack and defense. You can be assured that this time, a simple virus, even modified, couldn’t do more to save our ass.


Our ships are designed to fight ships equipped with our technology, and they are very good at that. Our tactics and strategies are perfect when it comes to destroying human ships.

But you can believe me, all this will be totally ineffective against the Thargoids.



Your attempts, though falling under the common sense, to organize yourselves for this confrontation, are derisory.

You will eat fat, very fat!

And the worst part is that you are aware of that, but that doesn’t stop you from wanting to go anyway.



Be assured that it will take time for our engineers before they allow us to defend ourselves decently, and even more to attack effectively.

And in the meantime, there will be deaths, many dead, far too many dead.

In your megalomaniac delirium to want to demonstrate to these higher beings who came from elsewhere that it is you who has the biggest dick, you will trigger a conflict that will decimate a huge part of the humanity. And that also you know, but you do not care. All that counts for you is the size of your dick, but most importantly, that everyone knows that you have the biggest one.


The superpowers have fallen under the ground for having decided to franchise and entrust these franchises to you to ensure their imperialist policies.

Proof of this is the release of the 13th Legion. You certainly remember, if you are a diligent reader of our articles, that we have recently spoken of the lack of efficiency of the Intelligence Service of the 13th Legion. They re-offend here with this statement accusing Mahon of being probably in collusion with the Thargoids, posing as a sole argument a hypothetical report that would mention it (I put all that to the capitalized conditional, eh!). Thus, they condemn Mahon on the basis of a report whose we haven’t yet seen nothing. And in my opinion, we will never see it simply because it doesn’t exist.

They are so credible, all those fools of the trigger, when they tell us they are our protectors. It would be laughable if the stakes were not so serious.


The superpuppets have lost all grandeur, all dignity, all honor!

And that doesn’t prevent them from claiming that they are all, too, and in their own way, the protectors of humanity, but by proxy: they do everything by proxy lately.



No way !



Fortunately there are a few people who are still worth a visit. It makes me feel better. I tell myself that all isn’t lost, finally, even if we are on the edge of the precipice.


A recent example is eloquent enough for me to share it with you, though it has gone almost unnoticed because of the censorship of our beloved Pravnet.




In November 3302, a public call was launched by Wreaken Construction and Mining.

The corporation is historically very close to Sirius Corporation since the two subsidiaries of Sirius Corp., Sirius Navy and Sirius Mining, have had a symbiotic relationship with the corporation since its inception, with Wreaken Construction purchasing mining equipment from Sirius Mining while that Sirius Navy ensures the protection of the sites of Wreaken Construction and the sustainability of the faction in the systems it controlled. It is also a major supplier to the Federation as well as leading shipbuilders.


I open a parenthesis that I will close very quickly.


A few days ago we published an article about the troubling elements that leave doubt about the culprit of the HIP 17044 incident, as well as another one about the relationship between Sirius Corporation and Palin. Maybe all this is in close relationship with what is happening right now.


Parenthesis closed.



On November 18, 3302, Wreaken successfully concluded his public call. It was to sell him the resources necessary to build a convoy of construction and logistics vessels. What purpose ?

The company didn’t say anything, counting on the greed of the majority of Cmdrs who people this beautiful Galaxy so as not to have to say more. It is well known, greed renders blind, deaf and dumb.


Between November 3302 and January 3303, no one heard of Wreaken Construction. At least until January 27th.

On that date, Pravnet published an article that referred to an “industrial accident” that caused the death of a person at a construction site of the box located in Col 70 Sector. It was impossible to identify the victim because it had been disfigured by very strong radiation. If we stick to Wreaken, it would be a person who tried to illegally enter the facility and was the victim of a malfunction that caused his death. According to the official version, the victim deserved his doom, he had nothing to do there. After all, it is a dangerous industrial site and people who don’t work for the corporation are not aware of the security measures in force on this kind of site.



But what kind of site is this?


The reaction of the representative of Wreaken leaves doubt as to the reality of the facts. If one keeps strictly to this news Pravnet, nothing prohibits to think that the victim could be murdered. Of course, there is no evidence to support this conclusion. An investigation has been carried out by the local authorities and it is still awaited that its progress, or even its conclusions, will be made public. In my opinion, we will wait a long time. These are certainly not people with a goldfish memory who will pull their ears so that they make the findings public.


Notably, however, the location of the Wreaken Construction site is in the middle of an area that is inaccessible to ordinary pilots like you and me since access is blocked by a permit. The Federation of Pilots, responsible for setting up these permits, have never communicated the reasons for this blockage, if it ever known it.

After some research, it seems that this blockage is fairly recent and contemporaneous with the facts that occupy us. At least, and as far as we know, it was not effective until October 3302 and was already there after November of the same year!

It can be assumed that this permit has a direct link with Wreaken Construction’s activities in the sector.



I open a parenthesis briefly to remind you of an important fact related to this history of permits in Col 70 Sector.

Last March, a distress call was received from this sector. It was issued by a Cobra, based on telemetry data. We know today that it was the Cobra that had been used to steal meta-alloy at Daniell’s Progress, in the Maia system, by Cmdrs Salome, Raan Corsen and Tsu Annabelle Singh. It was not far from this sector that the hunting who had led to the tragic death of Salome had begun. Remember !

Parenthesis closed.


It is a protest movement launched four months ago by the Cmdr Scarlett Ashcroft who has put us in the wake of this whole story.

When I told you that not everyone was lost in this bloody Galaxy!



Launched initially as a peaceful protest, this movement eventually took on a little more significance and became somewhat more offensive since Wreaken Construction’s only response to this movement was to oppose it with the usual disdain the capitalists apply to the proles we are from their eyes.

Only the historian Drew Wagar gave a little more audience to this movement. For him, this movement is a movement of historical significance!

Nothing, on the other hand, on the Pravnet side, except for a news published in the local Pravnet of Sol (besides, this fact is rather curious since the Wreaken Construction main system is Ega, not Sol).



In the aftermath, this movement grew its ranks with the arrival of an group of pirates operating in the sector, nicknamed The Ghost Of Col 70.

They decided to undermine Wreaken Construction in the systems it controlled to cut off some of its financial and logistical resources. And this movement seems to succeed, if we strictly stick to this objective, even if it did not make move Wreaken Construction of an inch concerning “the accident” and even less the Federation of Pilots in subject of the permit.


If you want to follow the evolution of the situation live, follow this link. And you can update by visiting with ED Market Connector launched and connected to your EDSM account).


Today, Wreaken Construction no longer controls any of the systems where it has its feet, except for its main system, and its influence is constantly decreasing with the latest news, and this is due to a handful of people.


Wreaken Wrecked !


Thank you, Scarlett Ashcroft, for showing that we had the power to move the lines.


Imagine a little, dear reader, if you and your friends, decided to fuck a cheerful mess in the well-oiled mechanics of the expansionist policies of our dear puppets and their minions?

It would be enough to be a little more numerous to make move, not the lines, but the Frontier!



So, I’ll let you meditate on all this.


As usual, The Onionhead disclaims any responsibility for possible maltreatment of words and verbs during the writing of this article.

Thargoids Have Returned !

dans Alliance/CIEP/Empire/Federation/Freelance reports/Palin/Thargoids Par

Yes, that’s it!

You have all read yesterday our beloved Pravnet announcing with drum and trumpets that our beloved enemies were back.

And that’s all the better, because frankly, we had to do this to stop shooting ourselves.

How did it not bring us together under the same banner?

So, dear readers, that really disappoints me.

The last time our friends met us, we took a sacred scraped eh.


Ah, but it’s true, I must admit if I want to be honest: y’all hardly have more memory than a goldfish.

Yes, you’ve read well! Sorry to tell you but this is the strict truth. Do you remember what Rebecca Weston revealed us, at the cost of her life and that of Salomé, at the end of last April? I don’t think so.


« They’ve known. They’ve known for decades, maybe centuries. There’s something out there and it’s heading this way. Everything you’ve seen: all the wars, all the investigations, all the abductions. It’s their way of getting stuff done, getting things ready, keeping things quiet.

You don’t build a fleet of warships for no reason – too many questions get asked. So you manufacture a threat, you start a phony war. You keep the populace amused with any diversion you can think of. You play powers against each other, you boom and bust the markets to tilt the economy. Anything to stop people looking at the real issues. »


Is it clear enough now? Does it reminds you of something?

No ? Not yet ?


« Who are they? Don’t go thinking this is the Feds or the Imps or even the Alliance, it’s way beyond all that. Most of what you think you know isn’t true. It’s all a fabrication, woven by those who have appointed themselves the protectors of humanity. They’ve been keeping us all in the dark, hiding the truth, secretly prepping for a confrontation. If you’re unlucky enough to stumble upon a part of it, they simply remove you. A shadowy revolution that decides what to reveal and when. »


I think that, now, if they left enough active synaptic connections in the brain, you’re to begin to see a little more clearly.

Possible however, that it couldn’t be enough ?

To really understand what is happening right before our eyes, and how Pravnet tries to get bladders (destroyed federal ships) for lanterns (by the Thargoids), we must also turn to historians.


The best known of them is Drew Wagar, but it is not to him that I will refer now.

John Harper also gave us edifying writings in many ways, and one in particular, a docudrama titled And Here The Wheel.


I am not going to throw you an insult to fatigue yourself by telling you in details all that is in this book, but just to give you a little summary, in the name of this historical truth for which Rebecca and Salome sacrificed themselves and asked us to keep in memory.


John Harper’s book is based on testimonies from individuals who participated in the events he relates, as well as historical elements prior to the events, whether or not they were made public.

The work of historians John Harper, T. James and Drew Wagar is all that remains for us not to become definitive goldfishes, all that prevents the Galaxy from turning into an immense aquarium in which we would turn in circles for eternity.

Rebecca Weston has rightly asked us to rely on these writings to prepare us for the threat that is coming, which is certainly not the one Pravnet is pointing at with the peremptory assurance of the professional liars.

Salomé always ended her speeches with “Remember”.


So, let’s remember.


A little before last millennium’s end, or perhaps at the very beginning of it, while the Emperor declined, and while his successor in the lineage appeared to be a guy that politics wasn’t of any interest, preferring fishing, a shadowy organization decided that it was necessary to eliminate him in order to put the next one in the order of succession on the rails, the latter being, for him, a powder monkey. This organization thought then that it would be better to have a warmonger at the head of the Empire rather than a care bear. This would serve their purpose better: to set up the Empire against the Federation, then against the Alliance once the Federation is defeated, in order to unify the whole Galaxy under the banner of the Empire, because a threat much worse than the Thargoids had been going to fall on our head.

The feds, for their part, had designed a weapon based on thargoid technology recovered during the war a few decades ago.

This is where the secret organization I mentioned above comes : the CIEP aka the Circle of Independent Elites Pilots, not to be confused with the Federation of Pilots, based in Shinrarta Dezhra.

The CIEP is an organization created by Oberon Ryder, one of the two sons of Alex Ryder, founder of The Dark Wheel, following a different story about goals Alex Ryder had set up for The Dark Wheel. The second Ryder son, Neptune, wanted The Dark Wheel to continue its quest for Raxxla while Oberon wanted to find Soontill, a mythical planet where, it was said, the Thargoids would have stayed for some time, leaving many artifacts behind them. It seems that Oberon has finally achieved the initial objective he set for the CIEP since John Harper tells us that the organization has set up its headquarters at Soontill.

The CIEP has learned that the Federation had developed a weapon of destructive power hitherto unknown, a weapon of hybrid human / thargoid technology, called “Starburst”.

The CIEP stole the weapon from the Federation.

The CIEP lost this weapon but retained its plans.

The weapon then passed into the hands of a pirate clan and then finally returned to its original owner: the Federation.

The CIEP headquarters in Soontill was destroyed during the events. The organization, however, was able to save the asses of its leaders and, presumably, much of its research datas, including the reverse-engineering of the federal weapon.


I have deliberately omitted details in which the INRA, the Alliance and the Empire are involved but I indicate it here so that you understand well, dear reader, that everyone is aware of this story except you.


Now that the historical facts are on the table, the first question you have to ask yourself, dear reader, is: Why would the Thargoids go knock the federal fleet that was transporting the informations discovered by Palin? To begin with, there is nothing to say that Thargoids understand our language well enough to be able to intercept all our communications, but above all, to understand them. And then, frankly, would you be interested in what ants tell in an anthill, beyond the scientific interest ? It is a safe bet that if, by decrypting the communications of the anthill you learn that the ants had understood who are behind the fingers that crush them so often, it wouldn’t move on when you scratch the other.

We are as insignificant as ants, in the eyes of Thargoids.

But finally, let us admit that the Thargoids find us worthy of interest at this point, and that they decide to go knock a fleet of federal vessels, among the most powerful these feds puppets have, to prevent this information from falling into their hands. If the objective of this attack was to keep these datas secret, well, it must be said that they failed, didn’t they? But above all, thinking this is tantamount to taking the Thargoids for the fools they certainly are not. If I was them, it is Palin that I would have been knocking.


I tell you, beloved reader, all of that stinks the scam.


Now that you’re out of your reading, read again this Pravnet towel, you’re gonna laugh


That’s it, I’m done for today.

I hope I did not bother you too much with these stories of the past. It was for your own good, so that you will not be allowed to get fooled by Pravnet.


[Edit, 19/06/3303]:

New information has been brought to our attention.

These elements indicate that the message broadcast by the Farragut was finally deciphered.

Here it is :

Unknown vessels detected.
Serverpurge failed.
Ship assets liquidated.
Payload destroyed.
Ship status lost.

(Source, Cannon: and from

Moreover, the detailed examination of the damaged items found on HIP 17044 spot highlight elements that are at least curious (for details, see:

To sum up briefly, amid the wrecks of the military fleets that escorted Palin’s data stolen, there is an intact transmission relay. This is the transmission relay which emits in a loop THARGOIDS RETURN.

So we have: a message that mentions an attack of a feds convoy by unknown vessels totally, convoy destroyed by attack, and an intact transmission relay that emits a message that identifies the unknown ships as Thargoids.

Don’t you think, adored reader, that if the fleet had been attacked by the Thargoids, it would have clearly indicated them in the message issued by the Farragut, especially if it is assumed that it is indeed the Farragut crew who has deployed the transmission relay found intact and which clearly indicates the “culprit”?

All this seems to me far-fetched, especially compared with the points raised above.

In science, the Occam’s Razor is used to define the terms of a hypothesis: “The multiples must not be used unnecessarily”. In other words, all things being equal, it is certainly the simplest hypothesis that will be verified. It gives us an effective filter to define the assumptions that are worthwhile and which ones must be evacuated.

And here, the simplest hypothesis goes against appearances. It tells us that the Thargoids are back, but we know nothing of their intentions, and above all, it is not the Thargoids who attacked this fleet but someone who wants us to believe it.

To you, dearest reader, to make your own opinion.


[Edit, 20/06/3303] :

And, as usual, Canonn Interstellar Research Group doesn’t say anything more that what we already knew, excepting increase fear for, maybe, nothing.

Freelance Report: Canonn Responds to Thargoid Revelation


As always, The Onionhead disclaims any responsibility for possible maltreatment of words and verbs during the writing of this article.

Unintelligence Services

dans Empire/Federation/Freelance reports Par

The factions that support the superpowers with power play claim to be the bulwark of humanity against barbarism, or even to protect us against the threats that point to the horizon, which is, we must to say it, quite laughable.


But some examples of their indigence will be better than long speeches.


Recently, a faction that lent allegiance to Felicia Winters, fiercely abolitionist, embarked on a rather ill-prepared operation in the LHS 1852 system. What idea to go undermining a faction much stronger than itself by doing so in full light? A faction, the 1st Legion, with even more powerful allies: the 9th Legion! Without the intervention of a coalition whose name I should be silent at the risk of unveiling my source, it would have lost a very large part of the systems they now control. This does not prevent them from proclaiming that they are the protectors of Humanity against slavery. Sure that with them the slaves can breathe.


But when we speak of slavery, we automatically think of the Empire, and of course Aisling Duval, who is notably abolitionist.

It is there, it must be said, that things become a little more complicated.

Aisling Duval is the only renowned imperial senator to be publicly and openly opposed to slavery, imperial or not. Its minions act very well in this direction. Among them, we can count their biggest support: the Prismatic Imperium. If we go back to last year, PI could still count in his ranks an armed arm that was entirely devolved to him: the 13th Legion. Since last January, the 13th Legion has extended its prerogatives. This faction no longer intervenes solely within the framework of the protection of the borders of the dominion of Aisling Duval but expanded the field of its activities to the whole Empire. Notably, however, the 13th Legion seems to be in coalition with the 9th Legion. Without a minimum of coolness and lucidity, the action taken by the federal faction mentioned above could have triggered a cascade of most unfortunate events. You see, when we talk about Unintelligence Services.


Do not expect, however, that the situation were more enviable on the side of the Aisling Duval minions. They certainly have more substantial means than this obscure federal faction, but that does not prevent them from being as light in their Intel.

The last example is a few words:

Thargoids, Puppetmaster and INRA.


That said, before going any further. During the hunt organized by the very “humanist” Aisling Duval against Cmdr Salomé, the 13th Legion clearly identified all the commanders who had taken up the cause of Salomé to put them in their KOS list. The Prismatic Imperium did not flinch. This last one is not to a contradiction in this dummy realm directed by a princess gossip. Finally, when I say “directed”, I put a flat. Indeed, Aisling Duval does not escape the control of the puppetmaster, like all the other gondola heads.

For the Unintelligence Service of PI, this puppetmaster is INRA. Logical, isn’t it, since traditionally, INRA is generally associated with the Federation (we forgets quickly that it is an organization co-directed by the Empire and the Federation). So in the logic of this Unintelligence Service, since the INRA = feds, then the two Farraguts that were found destroyed with a consistent fleet, is without a doubt federal, and was destroyed by the Thargoids without a doubt again, and were owned by INRA.

Importantly, the person who posted this call is the leader of Prismatic Imperium but he is not the author of the call. Here is what was originally published :


He edited the call a little later so that it fits better with historical reality. It is to be put to his credit.


Anyone who is little informed will immediately understand the enormity of the error. Indeed, since the events of Soontil, which probably took place at the end of the last millennium or at the beginning of it, – the exact date of the event escapes us, know why – we know that INRA has lost his head, if one may say, but not his ship, the sole operational base of the organization. Certainly, this ship is indeed a former federal capital ship, Behemoth class, but it is certainly unique and it is an old model.

Starting from this historical fact, any intelligence service would not advance a theory as far-fetched as: INRA lost a fleet, as well as two Farraguts, destroyed by the Thargoids.

Not content with asserting this, the author also asserts that it is the INRA, the puppetmaster evoked by Rebecca in the Teorge Logs. And the proof of this affirmation is of course the presence of federal ships supposedly destroyed by the Thargoids.

Wonderful ! We’re in full science-fiction!


When someone intervenes to remind us simply that there is no serious proof that we could assert without mistake that it is indeed the INRA, the puppetmaster, and that it could equally well be CIEP, the author then argues that INRA and CIEP pretty much the same, much like the NSA and the CIA in the 21st century on Earth.


What is surprising is the total ignorance of the History of the Old Earth by this Unintelligence Service, since it also misunderstands our most recent history. They are victims of the mnemonic reset implemented by the puppetmaster, as the majority of people who do not take this manipulation seriously.

See for yourself :

But it does not stop in such good way, and embraces by asserting that imperial cruisers were also destroyed by the Thargoids. Where, when, how, he says nothing of all this. Worse, it does not even provide visual evidence of what it claims. Now, if imperial capital ships had also paid for the weapons of our new visitors, the Holo-net would have spoken of them. We look forward to seeing this evidence with impatience because it would give a very different meaning to the matter before us.


So here are the people who proclaim themselves our protectors.

They are obliged to write an appeal to their supreme leader on the Holo-net. Appeal that revisits history and produces alternative facts.

How naive is it to expect a puppet to act in the right direction and respond to your calls! Have we ever seen a sensible and sane person speak to a wooden puppet with the hope that he answers?

And the naivete does not end there.

These people are fully aware that a puppetmaster acts in the shadows and manipulates the leader of the major faction to whom they have pledged allegiance, and they hope to be heard when their appeal would imply that the puppet decides to discard the sons who Keep it under control. It is even openly for this purpose that this appeal has been made public!

How cute.


At the same time, other federalists were not embarrassed by considerations of the same order. For them, it is a question of shooting everything that moves: the Empire, the Alliance and the Thargoids.

After all, it’s a good method: kill them all, God will recognize his own.


Finally, the announcement of the forthcoming arrival of the Thargoids emitted by the communication relay found amid the federal wrecks in the Pleiades sector does not seem to stop the Empire and the Federation in their imperialist impulse in the same sector, System HIP 17692 to be more precise, testifies a recent article of the Pravnet and the two superpowers, demonstrating once again their total helplessness, asks us to come and do the dirty work in their place.

I hope you will find other things to be worthwhile.




The Onionhead disclaims any responsibility for possible maltreatment of words and verbs during the writing of this article.

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