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The factions that support the superpowers with power play claim to be the bulwark of humanity against barbarism, or even to protect us against the threats that point to the horizon, which is, we must to say it, quite laughable.


But some examples of their indigence will be better than long speeches.


Recently, a faction that lent allegiance to Felicia Winters, fiercely abolitionist, embarked on a rather ill-prepared operation in the LHS 1852 system. What idea to go undermining a faction much stronger than itself by doing so in full light? A faction, the 1st Legion, with even more powerful allies: the 9th Legion! Without the intervention of a coalition whose name I should be silent at the risk of unveiling my source, it would have lost a very large part of the systems they now control. This does not prevent them from proclaiming that they are the protectors of Humanity against slavery. Sure that with them the slaves can breathe.


But when we speak of slavery, we automatically think of the Empire, and of course Aisling Duval, who is notably abolitionist.

It is there, it must be said, that things become a little more complicated.

Aisling Duval is the only renowned imperial senator to be publicly and openly opposed to slavery, imperial or not. Its minions act very well in this direction. Among them, we can count their biggest support: the Prismatic Imperium. If we go back to last year, PI could still count in his ranks an armed arm that was entirely devolved to him: the 13th Legion. Since last January, the 13th Legion has extended its prerogatives. This faction no longer intervenes solely within the framework of the protection of the borders of the dominion of Aisling Duval but expanded the field of its activities to the whole Empire. Notably, however, the 13th Legion seems to be in coalition with the 9th Legion. Without a minimum of coolness and lucidity, the action taken by the federal faction mentioned above could have triggered a cascade of most unfortunate events. You see, when we talk about Unintelligence Services.


Do not expect, however, that the situation were more enviable on the side of the Aisling Duval minions. They certainly have more substantial means than this obscure federal faction, but that does not prevent them from being as light in their Intel.

The last example is a few words:

Thargoids, Puppetmaster and INRA.


That said, before going any further. During the hunt organized by the very “humanist” Aisling Duval against Cmdr Salomé, the 13th Legion clearly identified all the commanders who had taken up the cause of Salomé to put them in their KOS list. The Prismatic Imperium did not flinch. This last one is not to a contradiction in this dummy realm directed by a princess gossip. Finally, when I say “directed”, I put a flat. Indeed, Aisling Duval does not escape the control of the puppetmaster, like all the other gondola heads.

For the Unintelligence Service of PI, this puppetmaster is INRA. Logical, isn’t it, since traditionally, INRA is generally associated with the Federation (we forgets quickly that it is an organization co-directed by the Empire and the Federation). So in the logic of this Unintelligence Service, since the INRA = feds, then the two Farraguts that were found destroyed with a consistent fleet, is without a doubt federal, and was destroyed by the Thargoids without a doubt again, and were owned by INRA.

Importantly, the person who posted this call is the leader of Prismatic Imperium but he is not the author of the call. Here is what was originally published :


He edited the call a little later so that it fits better with historical reality. It is to be put to his credit.


Anyone who is little informed will immediately understand the enormity of the error. Indeed, since the events of Soontil, which probably took place at the end of the last millennium or at the beginning of it, – the exact date of the event escapes us, know why – we know that INRA has lost his head, if one may say, but not his ship, the sole operational base of the organization. Certainly, this ship is indeed a former federal capital ship, Behemoth class, but it is certainly unique and it is an old model.

Starting from this historical fact, any intelligence service would not advance a theory as far-fetched as: INRA lost a fleet, as well as two Farraguts, destroyed by the Thargoids.

Not content with asserting this, the author also asserts that it is the INRA, the puppetmaster evoked by Rebecca in the Teorge Logs. And the proof of this affirmation is of course the presence of federal ships supposedly destroyed by the Thargoids.

Wonderful ! We’re in full science-fiction!


When someone intervenes to remind us simply that there is no serious proof that we could assert without mistake that it is indeed the INRA, the puppetmaster, and that it could equally well be CIEP, the author then argues that INRA and CIEP pretty much the same, much like the NSA and the CIA in the 21st century on Earth.


What is surprising is the total ignorance of the History of the Old Earth by this Unintelligence Service, since it also misunderstands our most recent history. They are victims of the mnemonic reset implemented by the puppetmaster, as the majority of people who do not take this manipulation seriously.

See for yourself :

But it does not stop in such good way, and embraces by asserting that imperial cruisers were also destroyed by the Thargoids. Where, when, how, he says nothing of all this. Worse, it does not even provide visual evidence of what it claims. Now, if imperial capital ships had also paid for the weapons of our new visitors, the Holo-net would have spoken of them. We look forward to seeing this evidence with impatience because it would give a very different meaning to the matter before us.


So here are the people who proclaim themselves our protectors.

They are obliged to write an appeal to their supreme leader on the Holo-net. Appeal that revisits history and produces alternative facts.

How naive is it to expect a puppet to act in the right direction and respond to your calls! Have we ever seen a sensible and sane person speak to a wooden puppet with the hope that he answers?

And the naivete does not end there.

These people are fully aware that a puppetmaster acts in the shadows and manipulates the leader of the major faction to whom they have pledged allegiance, and they hope to be heard when their appeal would imply that the puppet decides to discard the sons who Keep it under control. It is even openly for this purpose that this appeal has been made public!

How cute.


At the same time, other federalists were not embarrassed by considerations of the same order. For them, it is a question of shooting everything that moves: the Empire, the Alliance and the Thargoids.

After all, it’s a good method: kill them all, God will recognize his own.


Finally, the announcement of the forthcoming arrival of the Thargoids emitted by the communication relay found amid the federal wrecks in the Pleiades sector does not seem to stop the Empire and the Federation in their imperialist impulse in the same sector, System HIP 17692 to be more precise, testifies a recent article of the Pravnet and the two superpowers, demonstrating once again their total helplessness, asks us to come and do the dirty work in their place.

I hope you will find other things to be worthwhile.




The Onionhead disclaims any responsibility for possible maltreatment of words and verbs during the writing of this article.

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