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Thargoids Have Returned !

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Yes, that’s it!

You have all read yesterday our beloved Pravnet announcing with drum and trumpets that our beloved enemies were back.

And that’s all the better, because frankly, we had to do this to stop shooting ourselves.

How did it not bring us together under the same banner?

So, dear readers, that really disappoints me.

The last time our friends met us, we took a sacred scraped eh.


Ah, but it’s true, I must admit if I want to be honest: y’all hardly have more memory than a goldfish.

Yes, you’ve read well! Sorry to tell you but this is the strict truth. Do you remember what Rebecca Weston revealed us, at the cost of her life and that of Salomé, at the end of last April? I don’t think so.


« They’ve known. They’ve known for decades, maybe centuries. There’s something out there and it’s heading this way. Everything you’ve seen: all the wars, all the investigations, all the abductions. It’s their way of getting stuff done, getting things ready, keeping things quiet.

You don’t build a fleet of warships for no reason – too many questions get asked. So you manufacture a threat, you start a phony war. You keep the populace amused with any diversion you can think of. You play powers against each other, you boom and bust the markets to tilt the economy. Anything to stop people looking at the real issues. »


Is it clear enough now? Does it reminds you of something?

No ? Not yet ?


« Who are they? Don’t go thinking this is the Feds or the Imps or even the Alliance, it’s way beyond all that. Most of what you think you know isn’t true. It’s all a fabrication, woven by those who have appointed themselves the protectors of humanity. They’ve been keeping us all in the dark, hiding the truth, secretly prepping for a confrontation. If you’re unlucky enough to stumble upon a part of it, they simply remove you. A shadowy revolution that decides what to reveal and when. »


I think that, now, if they left enough active synaptic connections in the brain, you’re to begin to see a little more clearly.

Possible however, that it couldn’t be enough ?

To really understand what is happening right before our eyes, and how Pravnet tries to get bladders (destroyed federal ships) for lanterns (by the Thargoids), we must also turn to historians.


The best known of them is Drew Wagar, but it is not to him that I will refer now.

John Harper also gave us edifying writings in many ways, and one in particular, a docudrama titled And Here The Wheel.


I am not going to throw you an insult to fatigue yourself by telling you in details all that is in this book, but just to give you a little summary, in the name of this historical truth for which Rebecca and Salome sacrificed themselves and asked us to keep in memory.


John Harper’s book is based on testimonies from individuals who participated in the events he relates, as well as historical elements prior to the events, whether or not they were made public.

The work of historians John Harper, T. James and Drew Wagar is all that remains for us not to become definitive goldfishes, all that prevents the Galaxy from turning into an immense aquarium in which we would turn in circles for eternity.

Rebecca Weston has rightly asked us to rely on these writings to prepare us for the threat that is coming, which is certainly not the one Pravnet is pointing at with the peremptory assurance of the professional liars.

Salomé always ended her speeches with “Remember”.


So, let’s remember.


A little before last millennium’s end, or perhaps at the very beginning of it, while the Emperor declined, and while his successor in the lineage appeared to be a guy that politics wasn’t of any interest, preferring fishing, a shadowy organization decided that it was necessary to eliminate him in order to put the next one in the order of succession on the rails, the latter being, for him, a powder monkey. This organization thought then that it would be better to have a warmonger at the head of the Empire rather than a care bear. This would serve their purpose better: to set up the Empire against the Federation, then against the Alliance once the Federation is defeated, in order to unify the whole Galaxy under the banner of the Empire, because a threat much worse than the Thargoids had been going to fall on our head.

The feds, for their part, had designed a weapon based on thargoid technology recovered during the war a few decades ago.

This is where the secret organization I mentioned above comes : the CIEP aka the Circle of Independent Elites Pilots, not to be confused with the Federation of Pilots, based in Shinrarta Dezhra.

The CIEP is an organization created by Oberon Ryder, one of the two sons of Alex Ryder, founder of The Dark Wheel, following a different story about goals Alex Ryder had set up for The Dark Wheel. The second Ryder son, Neptune, wanted The Dark Wheel to continue its quest for Raxxla while Oberon wanted to find Soontill, a mythical planet where, it was said, the Thargoids would have stayed for some time, leaving many artifacts behind them. It seems that Oberon has finally achieved the initial objective he set for the CIEP since John Harper tells us that the organization has set up its headquarters at Soontill.

The CIEP has learned that the Federation had developed a weapon of destructive power hitherto unknown, a weapon of hybrid human / thargoid technology, called “Starburst”.

The CIEP stole the weapon from the Federation.

The CIEP lost this weapon but retained its plans.

The weapon then passed into the hands of a pirate clan and then finally returned to its original owner: the Federation.

The CIEP headquarters in Soontill was destroyed during the events. The organization, however, was able to save the asses of its leaders and, presumably, much of its research datas, including the reverse-engineering of the federal weapon.


I have deliberately omitted details in which the INRA, the Alliance and the Empire are involved but I indicate it here so that you understand well, dear reader, that everyone is aware of this story except you.


Now that the historical facts are on the table, the first question you have to ask yourself, dear reader, is: Why would the Thargoids go knock the federal fleet that was transporting the informations discovered by Palin? To begin with, there is nothing to say that Thargoids understand our language well enough to be able to intercept all our communications, but above all, to understand them. And then, frankly, would you be interested in what ants tell in an anthill, beyond the scientific interest ? It is a safe bet that if, by decrypting the communications of the anthill you learn that the ants had understood who are behind the fingers that crush them so often, it wouldn’t move on when you scratch the other.

We are as insignificant as ants, in the eyes of Thargoids.

But finally, let us admit that the Thargoids find us worthy of interest at this point, and that they decide to go knock a fleet of federal vessels, among the most powerful these feds puppets have, to prevent this information from falling into their hands. If the objective of this attack was to keep these datas secret, well, it must be said that they failed, didn’t they? But above all, thinking this is tantamount to taking the Thargoids for the fools they certainly are not. If I was them, it is Palin that I would have been knocking.


I tell you, beloved reader, all of that stinks the scam.


Now that you’re out of your reading, read again this Pravnet towel, you’re gonna laugh


That’s it, I’m done for today.

I hope I did not bother you too much with these stories of the past. It was for your own good, so that you will not be allowed to get fooled by Pravnet.


[Edit, 19/06/3303]:

New information has been brought to our attention.

These elements indicate that the message broadcast by the Farragut was finally deciphered.

Here it is :

Unknown vessels detected.
Serverpurge failed.
Ship assets liquidated.
Payload destroyed.
Ship status lost.

(Source, Cannon: and from

Moreover, the detailed examination of the damaged items found on HIP 17044 spot highlight elements that are at least curious (for details, see:

To sum up briefly, amid the wrecks of the military fleets that escorted Palin’s data stolen, there is an intact transmission relay. This is the transmission relay which emits in a loop THARGOIDS RETURN.

So we have: a message that mentions an attack of a feds convoy by unknown vessels totally, convoy destroyed by attack, and an intact transmission relay that emits a message that identifies the unknown ships as Thargoids.

Don’t you think, adored reader, that if the fleet had been attacked by the Thargoids, it would have clearly indicated them in the message issued by the Farragut, especially if it is assumed that it is indeed the Farragut crew who has deployed the transmission relay found intact and which clearly indicates the “culprit”?

All this seems to me far-fetched, especially compared with the points raised above.

In science, the Occam’s Razor is used to define the terms of a hypothesis: “The multiples must not be used unnecessarily”. In other words, all things being equal, it is certainly the simplest hypothesis that will be verified. It gives us an effective filter to define the assumptions that are worthwhile and which ones must be evacuated.

And here, the simplest hypothesis goes against appearances. It tells us that the Thargoids are back, but we know nothing of their intentions, and above all, it is not the Thargoids who attacked this fleet but someone who wants us to believe it.

To you, dearest reader, to make your own opinion.


[Edit, 20/06/3303] :

And, as usual, Canonn Interstellar Research Group doesn’t say anything more that what we already knew, excepting increase fear for, maybe, nothing.

Freelance Report: Canonn Responds to Thargoid Revelation


As always, The Onionhead disclaims any responsibility for possible maltreatment of words and verbs during the writing of this article.

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