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In Memory of John Jameson

dans AEGIS/Freelance reports/INRA Par

There was a time when reaching the Elite rank was just not about hanging wings on one’s shoulder, getting a permit and getting discounted prices on ships and modules.

In this not so distant past, being Elite was earned and stood out.

You’d have done everything so that everyone knew that you were Elite because it opened all the doors, the most lucrative and risky missions as well.

Surely, the so-called Club, which was already working then, used this rank to select among the pilots top of the top, those who had their ways into very powerful organizations.

Everyone wanted to become Elite because the invited pilots expected to be instrumental in one way or another to write History.


At least that was what the so-called Club wanted everyone to think.

Reality is far from this picture.

As evidenced by the personal story of the most famous Elite pilot: John Jameson.

Nowadays, this name evokes some usual space station, in a permit-locked system giving unrestricted access to all vessels and modules available.

Formerly headquarter of the now defunct Federation of Pilots. Today, it’s a superpower that has a strong foothold in many systems but its headquarters location remains unknown.

One might think it is an improperly named Jameson Memorial.

But looking closer to John Jameson’s story, we can say that it fits well within the historical reality.


Indeed, Jameson climbed the ladder leading to the Elite rank quickly, much faster than anyone so far. This was all it took to attract the INRA’s attention and the so-called Club on him.

The perfect sucker for a no-return mission indulging totally foreign interests to this poor man’s sake.

The sign of power lies in the ability to proxy others to the frontline.


Personally, I’m feeling sad for this poor man who left his daughter fatherless for a bad reason, serving interests foreign to all morals and to all Humanity.


What History must remember is not that he pressed the button that triggered a genocide. No, what we must remember from this story is that even the most seasoned of us are fooled by this so-called Club, those people for whom life as a whole has no value compared to their ambitions. They are the ones responsible for this genocide, not John Jameson.


What makes the difference today is that, unlike Jameson, we know.

We know that it was a scared pilot who shot first on a Thargoid during first contact. We know that these non-human beings are hive minded, that they are sensitive and intelligent, supremely intelligent, but that they surely believed that we also lived in a similar social structure and declared war on humanity as a whole then. We know that INRA has surrounded itself with secrecy, has lied to humanity about its real goals and motivations. We know that INRA has manipulated humanity but we’re also entitled to assume that this disgusting organization was also manipulated by the so-called Club. This does not relieve them of responsibility for the crimes they committed, quite the contrary.


We didn’t know it yesterday, and we know all about it today.


How many of us have thought about the link between AEGIS and INRA?

AEGIS is asking us to bring them samples of Thargoids tissue and organs for study, just as INRA did yesterday. And AEGIS is presenting this as a game, just to detach us a little more from the reality of what is asked of us.


And tomorrow, no doubt that AEGIS will ask us to capture live specimens to test a new weapon designed to destroy this specie which we would have so much to share with.


History repeats itself, but unlike the contemporary men and women of John Jameson who were unaware of the INRA’s true nature, we do know the true nature of AEGIS. And this knowledge makes us free, gives us the choice.

It is a heavy responsibility to bear on everyone’s shoulders today.


We must all answer the following question: Am I willing to become AEGIS’s accomplice in the genocide that is coming?


Three possible answers are available to us:


Yes, I am.


No, I’m not, and I would stay away from this whole story.


No, I’m not willing to, but I’m going to do everything I can to prevent AEGIS and the so-called Club from carrying out its plan.


Those who regularly read our articles know what our answer is.


For my part, I think the only truly humane way of paying tribute to John Jameson is to prevent AEGIS and its minions from achieving its ends. But I admit,  I’m feeling like a man screaming in the desert  so much as I’m witnessing the majority of the pilots getting fooled by the playful and lucrative aspect used by AEGIS to coerce us into its accomplices.


We have to count ourselves, to regroup, to strengthen and organize ourselves.

And what better way is there than to go to Jameson Memorial station to pay tribute to the great man he was, so devoted he gave his life to an ideal that had been planted in his skull and was only a chimera?


Let us make the siege of Jameson Memorial, in memory of John Jameson, and make this damned station the true seat of his memory. That it becomes the place where an uprising will rise against this manipulative clique.


Let History remembers Jameson’s death as the spark that brought humanity to its liberation!


If you’d wanted to read the words of John Jameson himself, just follow this link.


dans AEGIS/Freelance reports Par

Just yesterday, the only voice in the Galaxy, I named our beloved Pravnet, deigned to inform us that Aegis started a brand new community goal.


First of all, we would like to thank the editorial teams of our dear official propaganda media for kindly giving us some information, it is so rare lately that the slightest news falls on us like a drop of water on an arid land.


This communal goal aims, according to the news, to, I quote, counter the thargoid aggressions in the region (of Pleiades Sector, Note from the Translator).


Until proven otherwise, the Oresrians do not attack us gratuitously in the region of the Pleiades, they defend themselves. We must remember once again that these reports of aggression are totally false. We have absolutely nothing to say that it was the Oresrians who attacked first. Each time we arrived after the facts, we could only see the damage, that’s all. And when I say we, I speak as much of us as of the scientists serving as moral and scientific guarantees to Aegis. None of them, including Professor Palin, provided us with any hard evidence that we were dealing with attacks from our visitors. And the more time passes, the more The Onionhead newsroom doubt that we never have.


This operation requires the intervention of all the pilots in order to murdering the Thargoids, free of charge until proven otherwise, and for a promise of big money.

Indeed, who would want to go to battle with the Oresrians without a good reason? And as Aegis still has not proven that we are well threatened by these beings who, let us say, are far more advanced than us technologically, there is no more to this organization worthy of INRA than the financial argument to attract good wilingsl.


The cause of Aegis is absolutely not the defense of humanity. If that were really the case, the organization would use all the precautions before launching this kind of operation, but above all, would have provided indisputable proof that we were well attacked by the Thargoids, or even invaded.

Besides, let’s talk about this so-called invasion.


The text accessible from the station services describing the operation tells us that we will find these Thargoids in a specific sector of Pleiades Sector and in USS. It also tells us that we will receive combat bonds after each murder, which will have to be handed over to The Oracle Station. In short, everything must happen exactly as during the so-called Cold War between the Federation and the Empire thru minor factions proxied.

The Onionhead newsroom was very surprised to see the level of compliance with our humain rules of war that the Oresrians demonstrate.

Speaking of invasion, we should logically expect to see the Thargoids land all over the bubble around Sol, instead of seeing them stayed wisely in the Pleiades Sector, and in areas similar to Conflict Zones.

It smells staging, don’t you find?

And if it turns out that this is a staging, I wonder what benefit the Oresrians could draw from this?

Unless you no longer have control over yourself, you would not want to serve as a target and get killed like that, right?


Admiral Aden Tanner adds: I therefore believe the most effective way to address the Thargoid threat – in the short term at least – is a militia of seasoned combat pilots.


The word is well chosen indeed. You who are going to participate in this free massacre will become a member of a militia, as in the worst moments of human history, at a time that we are accustomed to consider, perhaps wrongly, as archaic and bygone.


Besides, you were not mistaken, you who read these lines, since only 54 pilots seemed to have engaged in this ignominy at the time I write these lines, that is to say the 3 November 3303 at 16:40 IGT.


The strings by which the so-called Club and Aegis intend to pursue their manipulation are so big that we are authorized to doubt their ability to lead human history in the way they want. However, let’s not underestimate them. Nothing tells us that, ultimately, this could have been part of a more subtle plan than it seems.

I personally doubt it, but who knows.


In the latter months, The Onionhead and OSIRIS have never stopped announcing to who wanted to hear what were the goals of this clique who thinks they are God.

The theory on which we have relied to launch the Deus Ex Machina Initiative does not seem to be contradicted so far. On the contrary, the more time passes, the more this so-called Club advances its pawns, and more our theory is confirmed. And except to see a theatrical event that nobody would have seen coming, I do not see why we would give it up.

I invite you to read or read again the various articles that we have published on the subject.


So we see a structure that masquerades as a research organization and whose spokesman is a high-ranked federal navy officer funding a military operation to make sure that you, the pilots, are going to get your hands dirty with a, probably, innocent blood while their own will stay pristines. Of course, given the success of Aegis’ previous community-based operations to launch the production of Thargoids weapons, its leaders, and the so-called Club, thought they could go all the way and get you involved in their abject projects.


The day after the launch of your operation, gentlemen, it seems that you have been heavily mistaken about the moral qualities of the drivers you intend to control.

I was able to hear people expressing surprise here and there that no organization or group had been put forward as an opponent of Aegis and its clique of grands bourgeois by Galnet and that, consequently, they had not no official existence.

Do not expect to see Pravnet give us a tribune. You would go to a hell of a disappointment.

The only official answer that you have to wait for is that we, The Onionhead, OSIRIS, Wing Atlantis, The Children of Raxxla, The LOSP, and many more, now and in the future, we are giving on the alternatives networks in the holofac, and are much more listened to than is seem.

Do not believe that the silence of the official voices regarding this opposition means that there is no opposition. You can be sure of the opposite.


We are legions, and unless we cut off all our independent holofac networks, they will never be able to silence the voice of truth.


Finally, a small note about the name that these horns gave to their operation: Andronicus.

Titus Andronicus is a drama written a long time ago by the english author William Shakespear. I think this was his first piece. And if this great author had stuck to the impressions left by this first work, he would simply have stopped writing. Indeed, everyone agreed that it was the most stupid drama ever written, T. S. Eliot said.


The Trojan War will not take place

dans AEGIS/Alliance/Empire/Federation/Freelance reports/INRA/Thargoids Par

The news of recent weeks is rich in information likely to illuminate the galactic situation from a different angle.


And unlike the tasteless propagandist soup that our beloved Pravnet wants to make us a bunch of non-questioning soldiers, The Onionhead’s newsroom want to bring to light things that we hope will not be not so much insult to your intelligence.


We are in a rather paradoxical situation, it must be said.

On the one hand, the official media of the so-called Club, which publishes more and more rarely in recent times, and who tries to present his articles in the most factual way, at least in appearance, and in another hand, The Onionhead, which publishes articles that appear to be biased at first, but are not just to present facts detached from each other but rather to do links between the facts.


When the Cannon Interstellar Research Group makes the major discovery of the interaction with unknown probes triggering an EMP that disables all the systems of the ship that produced this interaction, Pravnet is quick to say:


The Canonn Interstellar Research Group has announced that one of its scientists has made a discovery regarding the so-called Unknown Probes.


When Wing Atlantis, OSIRIS, and the Children of Raxxla, are at the origin of a major discovery shedding a new light on our past and present history, Pravnet is just to report the facts without any mention of the groups that are at the origin.

Nothing surprising of course.


From the selection of the events to be told, to how to do it, who to quote, etc., everything is propaganda.

Worse, this rag also claims to write the present History.


In a way, it was fairly predictable that Wing Atlantis, OSIRIS and the Children of Raxxla would not be cited as those who discovered the abandoned bases of INRA first. These groups are fierce defenders of individual liberties, freedom of speech,  and have long been using all their resources to unmask this elitist and manipulative clique.


The reading of the INRA’s logs leaves little doubt as to the way of doing INRA in the past.

The resemblance is striking between the methods of INRA on the one hand, and the way of doing AEGIS on the other.

And unless we are singularly lacking in intelligence, or unless we want absolutely to start this war against our visitors from elsewhere, it is now impossible to miss this resemblance.

Even the gossip people princess, she who usually only lingers on mundanity, did not fail to say:


I read the INRA records, and frankly I was sickened. How could they treat living creatures that way? I’ve heard of governments inventing threats to support their military programmes. Maybe that’s what the INRA was. A smokescreen.” Aisling Duval, Galnet, 20/10/3303


Some will say that INRA and AEGIS have nothing to do with each other, that INRA was created by the Federation and the Empire while AEGIS also includes the Alliance, that the objectives of INRA were secret while those of AEGIS are not, and so on.


The INRA was created to answer a need of research in the civil field. That’s how it was introduced : to produce knowledge in order to develop applications in the agricultural, medical, industrial, space fields of activity. But in fact, INRA has secretly done reverse engineering on Thargoid technology. And even if the discovery of the xenocide mass destruction weapon was an accident, it remains that this organization did not hesitate  to employ means which had not been used since the 20th century on Earth during the Second World War, to be clear, and the nazi regime, to be clearer. The INRA did not hesitate a single second to press the red button, making responsible the entire humanity of the second xenocide in History comint by the nascent Empire. Do we have reason to believe that  AEGIS will not do the same ?


AEGIS was originally created to allow the three major superpowers (the Federation, the Empire and the Alliance) to pool their resources and knowledge to study the Thargoids. Certainly, AEGIS has stated that the aim is as much to produce knowledge about our visitors as to produce weapons to defend ourselves if necessary. However, for several weeks, AEGIS has been calling on the community to get all the resources it needs to design weapons, while at the same time, the organization has not published much about our visitors. It is the community of independent pilots that has gathered most of the information and knowledge about the Thargoids, including Canonn, not AEGIS. Otherwise, independent pilots regularly report disturbing discoveries that appear to expose large-scale human trafficking for the purpose of experimentation. Traffic and experimentation both seem to be linked to the Federation (source). Of course, we cannot directly link this traffic and these experiments to AEGIS, but the very nature of the organization’s structure suggests that other AEGIS members know that the Federation is currently conducting experiments on humans.


A more in-depth study of the 6 abandoned bases of INRA should be carried out with the necessary scientific rigor if we want to know more about the subject. And it’s up to us, independent pilots, to conduct this study, because we already know that AEGIS will tell us nothing more than what it’s allowed to tell us by the so-called Club. As to the Cannon, proof has been made for some time now that his independence is seriously dulled. There is still a lot to discover. We must consider these 6 sites as crime scenes and they must be studied with the same methods.


Anyway, the existence of AEGIS can only be justified if war breaks out. And everything is done right now to take us there.


Yet, we see that even a gossip princess comes to think that all this is a bit big, and suggest  in half words that all this could be a staging to justify expenses on weapons and the transformation of legions of peaceful independent pilots into bloodthirsty warriors.


She is not the only one to put it all in doubt.


The same day, our beloved Pravnet published an article where Jasmina Halsey was able to speak broadly on the subject.


Rather than doing like his AEGIS comrades who are the Federation and the Empire, backed by Sirius Corporation, Alliance spokeswoman Halsey is simply questioning the end of the Cold War between the Federation. and the Empire.

For her, all this is only smoke and mirrors, and staging.


Besides, we have also some reasons to doubt that this cold war even really existed.

For several years now, the Federation and the Empire have behaved as if they were in cold war, fighting each other thru proxy wars. And in order to demonstrate to everyone that this was a real cold war, the two superpowers have sometimes put themselves in a position to declare war eventually, without ever exceeding the red line.

According to the reasoning of Aisling Duval, all this could have only one goal: to justify the tremendous expenditure in armament made by these two powers during the past years, probably to the benefits of Sirius Corporation wealth.

Meanwhile, the Alliance stood apart from this grotesque and costly staging of resources and human lives.


To bring together the three superpowers within the same set, it took the very timely arrival of an external threat: the Thargoids. They are the perfect Deus Ex Machina who came down on stage when we were not expecting him anymore.

Thus, since their “return“, this parody of cold war no longer has any reason to be. Since that time, the three superpowers have a strong argument to present a united front and can justify their weapons spending.


AEGIS, as was the INRA at the time, is nothing more than the smokescreen created by the so-called Club to hide its real intentions.


But as time passes, as this clique unfolds its scenario, the end of the drama seems more and more obvious.


It’s a safe bet that, in the coming months, we would be dumbfounded by the creation of a new political entity on a galactic scale. Maybe it will be human, maybe not, or maybe hybrid. Anyway, in this new configuration, it is possible that the superpowers still exist as we know them today, but it is equally likely that this will not be the case. Perhaps even the mega-corporations, including Sirius Corp, will adopt a new, unprecedented form.

And all the pilots who fervently support this or that superpower will fall from their seats.


(The title of this article is refered to The Trojan Was will not take place)


As always, The Onionhead disclaims any responsibility for possible maltreatment of words and verbs during the writing of this article.


Many thanks to Cmdr Klingsor for his helping hand.

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