In Memory of John Jameson

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There was a time when reaching the Elite rank was just not about hanging wings on one’s shoulder, getting a permit and getting discounted prices on ships and modules.

In this not so distant past, being Elite was earned and stood out.

You’d have done everything so that everyone knew that you were Elite because it opened all the doors, the most lucrative and risky missions as well.

Surely, the so-called Club, which was already working then, used this rank to select among the pilots top of the top, those who had their ways into very powerful organizations.

Everyone wanted to become Elite because the invited pilots expected to be instrumental in one way or another to write History.


At least that was what the so-called Club wanted everyone to think.

Reality is far from this picture.

As evidenced by the personal story of the most famous Elite pilot: John Jameson.

Nowadays, this name evokes some usual space station, in a permit-locked system giving unrestricted access to all vessels and modules available.

Formerly headquarter of the now defunct Federation of Pilots. Today, it’s a superpower that has a strong foothold in many systems but its headquarters location remains unknown.

One might think it is an improperly named Jameson Memorial.

But looking closer to John Jameson’s story, we can say that it fits well within the historical reality.


Indeed, Jameson climbed the ladder leading to the Elite rank quickly, much faster than anyone so far. This was all it took to attract the INRA’s attention and the so-called Club on him.

The perfect sucker for a no-return mission indulging totally foreign interests to this poor man’s sake.

The sign of power lies in the ability to proxy others to the frontline.


Personally, I’m feeling sad for this poor man who left his daughter fatherless for a bad reason, serving interests foreign to all morals and to all Humanity.


What History must remember is not that he pressed the button that triggered a genocide. No, what we must remember from this story is that even the most seasoned of us are fooled by this so-called Club, those people for whom life as a whole has no value compared to their ambitions. They are the ones responsible for this genocide, not John Jameson.


What makes the difference today is that, unlike Jameson, we know.

We know that it was a scared pilot who shot first on a Thargoid during first contact. We know that these non-human beings are hive minded, that they are sensitive and intelligent, supremely intelligent, but that they surely believed that we also lived in a similar social structure and declared war on humanity as a whole then. We know that INRA has surrounded itself with secrecy, has lied to humanity about its real goals and motivations. We know that INRA has manipulated humanity but we’re also entitled to assume that this disgusting organization was also manipulated by the so-called Club. This does not relieve them of responsibility for the crimes they committed, quite the contrary.


We didn’t know it yesterday, and we know all about it today.


How many of us have thought about the link between AEGIS and INRA?

AEGIS is asking us to bring them samples of Thargoids tissue and organs for study, just as INRA did yesterday. And AEGIS is presenting this as a game, just to detach us a little more from the reality of what is asked of us.


And tomorrow, no doubt that AEGIS will ask us to capture live specimens to test a new weapon designed to destroy this specie which we would have so much to share with.


History repeats itself, but unlike the contemporary men and women of John Jameson who were unaware of the INRA’s true nature, we do know the true nature of AEGIS. And this knowledge makes us free, gives us the choice.

It is a heavy responsibility to bear on everyone’s shoulders today.


We must all answer the following question: Am I willing to become AEGIS’s accomplice in the genocide that is coming?


Three possible answers are available to us:


Yes, I am.


No, I’m not, and I would stay away from this whole story.


No, I’m not willing to, but I’m going to do everything I can to prevent AEGIS and the so-called Club from carrying out its plan.


Those who regularly read our articles know what our answer is.


For my part, I think the only truly humane way of paying tribute to John Jameson is to prevent AEGIS and its minions from achieving its ends. But I admit,  I’m feeling like a man screaming in the desert  so much as I’m witnessing the majority of the pilots getting fooled by the playful and lucrative aspect used by AEGIS to coerce us into its accomplices.


We have to count ourselves, to regroup, to strengthen and organize ourselves.

And what better way is there than to go to Jameson Memorial station to pay tribute to the great man he was, so devoted he gave his life to an ideal that had been planted in his skull and was only a chimera?


Let us make the siege of Jameson Memorial, in memory of John Jameson, and make this damned station the true seat of his memory. That it becomes the place where an uprising will rise against this manipulative clique.


Let History remembers Jameson’s death as the spark that brought humanity to its liberation!


If you’d wanted to read the words of John Jameson himself, just follow this link.