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Just yesterday, the only voice in the Galaxy, I named our beloved Pravnet, deigned to inform us that Aegis started a brand new community goal.


First of all, we would like to thank the editorial teams of our dear official propaganda media for kindly giving us some information, it is so rare lately that the slightest news falls on us like a drop of water on an arid land.


This communal goal aims, according to the news, to, I quote, counter the thargoid aggressions in the region (of Pleiades Sector, Note from the Translator).


Until proven otherwise, the Oresrians do not attack us gratuitously in the region of the Pleiades, they defend themselves. We must remember once again that these reports of aggression are totally false. We have absolutely nothing to say that it was the Oresrians who attacked first. Each time we arrived after the facts, we could only see the damage, that’s all. And when I say we, I speak as much of us as of the scientists serving as moral and scientific guarantees to Aegis. None of them, including Professor Palin, provided us with any hard evidence that we were dealing with attacks from our visitors. And the more time passes, the more The Onionhead newsroom doubt that we never have.


This operation requires the intervention of all the pilots in order to murdering the Thargoids, free of charge until proven otherwise, and for a promise of big money.

Indeed, who would want to go to battle with the Oresrians without a good reason? And as Aegis still has not proven that we are well threatened by these beings who, let us say, are far more advanced than us technologically, there is no more to this organization worthy of INRA than the financial argument to attract good wilingsl.


The cause of Aegis is absolutely not the defense of humanity. If that were really the case, the organization would use all the precautions before launching this kind of operation, but above all, would have provided indisputable proof that we were well attacked by the Thargoids, or even invaded.

Besides, let’s talk about this so-called invasion.


The text accessible from the station services describing the operation tells us that we will find these Thargoids in a specific sector of Pleiades Sector and in USS. It also tells us that we will receive combat bonds after each murder, which will have to be handed over to The Oracle Station. In short, everything must happen exactly as during the so-called Cold War between the Federation and the Empire thru minor factions proxied.

The Onionhead newsroom was very surprised to see the level of compliance with our humain rules of war that the Oresrians demonstrate.

Speaking of invasion, we should logically expect to see the Thargoids land all over the bubble around Sol, instead of seeing them stayed wisely in the Pleiades Sector, and in areas similar to Conflict Zones.

It smells staging, don’t you find?

And if it turns out that this is a staging, I wonder what benefit the Oresrians could draw from this?

Unless you no longer have control over yourself, you would not want to serve as a target and get killed like that, right?


Admiral Aden Tanner adds: I therefore believe the most effective way to address the Thargoid threat – in the short term at least – is a militia of seasoned combat pilots.


The word is well chosen indeed. You who are going to participate in this free massacre will become a member of a militia, as in the worst moments of human history, at a time that we are accustomed to consider, perhaps wrongly, as archaic and bygone.


Besides, you were not mistaken, you who read these lines, since only 54 pilots seemed to have engaged in this ignominy at the time I write these lines, that is to say the 3 November 3303 at 16:40 IGT.


The strings by which the so-called Club and Aegis intend to pursue their manipulation are so big that we are authorized to doubt their ability to lead human history in the way they want. However, let’s not underestimate them. Nothing tells us that, ultimately, this could have been part of a more subtle plan than it seems.

I personally doubt it, but who knows.


In the latter months, The Onionhead and OSIRIS have never stopped announcing to who wanted to hear what were the goals of this clique who thinks they are God.

The theory on which we have relied to launch the Deus Ex Machina Initiative does not seem to be contradicted so far. On the contrary, the more time passes, the more this so-called Club advances its pawns, and more our theory is confirmed. And except to see a theatrical event that nobody would have seen coming, I do not see why we would give it up.

I invite you to read or read again the various articles that we have published on the subject.


So we see a structure that masquerades as a research organization and whose spokesman is a high-ranked federal navy officer funding a military operation to make sure that you, the pilots, are going to get your hands dirty with a, probably, innocent blood while their own will stay pristines. Of course, given the success of Aegis’ previous community-based operations to launch the production of Thargoids weapons, its leaders, and the so-called Club, thought they could go all the way and get you involved in their abject projects.


The day after the launch of your operation, gentlemen, it seems that you have been heavily mistaken about the moral qualities of the drivers you intend to control.

I was able to hear people expressing surprise here and there that no organization or group had been put forward as an opponent of Aegis and its clique of grands bourgeois by Galnet and that, consequently, they had not no official existence.

Do not expect to see Pravnet give us a tribune. You would go to a hell of a disappointment.

The only official answer that you have to wait for is that we, The Onionhead, OSIRIS, Wing Atlantis, The Children of Raxxla, The LOSP, and many more, now and in the future, we are giving on the alternatives networks in the holofac, and are much more listened to than is seem.

Do not believe that the silence of the official voices regarding this opposition means that there is no opposition. You can be sure of the opposite.


We are legions, and unless we cut off all our independent holofac networks, they will never be able to silence the voice of truth.


Finally, a small note about the name that these horns gave to their operation: Andronicus.

Titus Andronicus is a drama written a long time ago by the english author William Shakespear. I think this was his first piece. And if this great author had stuck to the impressions left by this first work, he would simply have stopped writing. Indeed, everyone agreed that it was the most stupid drama ever written, T. S. Eliot said.