The little jackals barks, but the caravan moves on

dans Freelance reports/INRA Par

And here we are, once again, the pack of jackals is unleashing, making the game of the so-called Club by this way.


As soon as we had discovered this INRA base, when we had explained to the community of independent pilots how we had proceeded, the jackals who were crushing the Holonet all day long or the smoky bars of the stations instead of starting seriously to work, the same jackals that had been unleashed when our friends the Children of Raxxla had tried to keep alive Cmdr Salomé so that she could inform us of the actions of this same so-called Club, these hateful hordes, went straight to work, accusing OSIRIS, Wing Atlantis, and even EfilOne (and through him, the Children of Raxxla once more) of collusion with this clique.


However, when the Canonn Interstellar Research Group discovered the first site of the Guardians in their own time, it must be said that they did not have to face such accusations. Yet the historian Drew Wagar did tell us how much this discovery was taking care of the so-called Club’s affairs. And even after reading his last book, no one came to put this discovery of the Canonn in perspective with the historical background.


These accusations, which are currently raining on our heads, have become even more serious when our beloved Pravnet published the lapidary announce of our discovery, not even giving the name of Wing Atlantis, OSIRIS, or still less EfilOne, as at the origin of this discovery.

It can not be mistaken to assert that if it were the Canonn who made this discovery, Pravnet would have named the organization as well as the pilots involved in the discovery.


So, the pack of jackals is once again manipulated like puppets.


The same pack did not hesitate to shoot at the Oresrians and kill them without even questioning whether it was right, or merely judicious, to do so. The pack, thirsting for blood and death, promptly responded to the orders of AEGIS, directed, I remind you, by a federal admiral well known for his murderous tendencies.

I hesitate now on how to name them. Is it a pack of jackals, or rather a herd of sheeps?


I leave you to meditate on all this.