Breaking News : The Oracle of Pleiades Sector

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Today, our beloved Pravnet gave us a short news.

Apart from the usual reports concerning the political, economic and social condition of our little bubble, the propaganda organ of the Club doesn’t offer us much interesting news.

Thus, it deserved to be mentioned.


But it must be confessed that it wasn’t only the scarcity of interesting news that attracted our attention.

Reading this one carefully, several elements seemed strange to us.


The name of the station to start. The Oracle. This rather curious name has evoked some texts from the works of the historian Drew Wagar (from p160 to p176). We are currently researching whether this is interesting enough to be developed. If so, this article will be edited accordingly. Nonetheless, it could be totaly irrelevant. [Edit] : It seems that the Oracle mentioned on the Drew Wagar’s work is more a legend than something that was historycaly.


Beyond the name, a number of points are quite disturbing to be mentioned.


The Oracle is controlled by the I.P.S.A.L Project faction


After some research on the holonet, nothing more interesting could be found.


I.P.S.A.L Project is a small independent corporation which now controls the Pleiades Sector IR-W d1-55 system. This faction shares this occupation with two other factions: Janus Incorporated and Rational Logistics. Both are independents and are corporations. These 3 factions are not present anywhere else.


We find it strange that Pravnet mentions that the Oracle is expected to arrive in the Pleiades Sector IR-W D1-55 within the next few days, although this presence is already listed elsewhere. Someone seems eager to see these 3 factions installed in this system.


Would the Club have asked the feds to be more discreet in Pleiades Sector by inviting them to act through small independents corporate factions that no one had heard of so far?


Admittedly, Pleiades Resource Enterprise is starting to be a bit too showy.


As always, The Onionhead disclaims any responsibility for possible maltreatment of words and verbs during the writing of this article.