Breaking News : An independent scientist escapes from death !

dans Federation/Freelance reports/Palin/Thargoids Par

Recently a Community Goal was carried out with the aim of enabling Pleiades Resources Enterprise to build an outpost to serve as an observation post in order to ensure our security against possible Thargoids attacks.

We have reported in our columns that this federal interference is not to the liking of lovers of free science. They demanded the lifting of the house arrest that weighs on Professor Palin in Maia as well as the withdrawal of the federal troops from Pleiades Sector.

To ensure our safety, they say.
In the past, security has often served as a pretext for much interference, or worst.

An incident that happened yesterday contradicts all this beautiful propaganda. It almost cost the life of an independent scientist.

But let’s see what he has to say.


TOP: What’s your name?
Cmdr Virgil Cooler King: Virgil Cooler King, of the faction SANCTIS …. Call me Cooler.

TOP: You seem to be shaken up?
Cmdr Virgil Cooler King: Incredible these guys! … Not even armed! … Not a cannon or even a gun on my ASP Explorer! I do not understand?!…

TOP: Keep your calm Cmdr. Tell us what led you to Maia?
Cmdr Virgil Cooler King: Am invited by Palin, at that time I just finished my first delivery of fragments. I saw nothing at the landing. I had not noticed the beast!

TOP: The beast? What are you talking about exactly?
Cmdr Virgil Cooler King: It’s by lifting off! I noticed a cloud of ships above the research center … Then I saw the monster! A Farragut cruiser of the Federation!

TOP: Ah yes, I understand better. Everyone knows that a federal cruiser is posted over the base of Pr Palin. He’s under well guard. What did you do then?

Cmdr Virgil Cooler King: Rather curious by nature, I approached to put an eye on it for a moment, as well as the small devices that whirled around, all was quite normal… Then I turned to the void and started my FSD.

TOP: And then?
Cmdr Virgil Cooler King: This is when the I.A. warned me! We were attacked! I turned and saw the Fed’s cruiser that was also firing at the other small ships around it! I could not tell you who had assaulted who? … Am not armed as I said, and my hull is paper thin!

TOP: Quite curious indeed. You seem to be saying that the chain of command aboard the federal cruiser would have lost their mind? This will give the protesters an additional reason to ask for the lifting of the house arrest on the professor. Okay, and then?

Cmdr Virgil Cooler King: Everything went very fast, I had to flee as fast as possible! Lack of fortune, my FSD triggers no faster than me! And there! 2 shots and … Boom! Just had time to jump into the pod … I was lucky a guy in Cobra came to pick me up and took me back to the research center. Otherwise I would still be dead…

TOP: Wow! It was a close call. Well, and otherwise, what do you think of all this now that you are safe?

Cmdr Virgil Cooler King: What does this ship look like at Palin ?! … Does he protect him or threaten him? … In any case, I threatened no one! All these services I have rendered them! … They have drawn me in the back like a bird, the cowards! … I am disgusted!

One can understand it, which would not be so.
Fly safe, Cmdr, and keep serving science as you do.


As always, The Onionhead disclaims any responsibility for possible maltreatment of words and verbs during the writing of this article.