Breaking News: Operation Sirius Business scores victory against Sirius Corp in Takurua

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After eleven days of effort, Operation Sirius Business finally scores against Sirius Corporation.

Sirius Corporation security forces in the system were harassed for 11 days. The fighting was hard, but eventually Sirius Corporation’s influence was at its lowest, giving the Takurua Legion faction the opportunity to claim control of the system.

The spokesman for Operation Sirius Business said:
“We’re very happy with the results of this first offensive. The two-pronged approach of attacking Sirius Corp along with supplying tailored support to their rivals, allowed for a change of power with a minimum of loss in lives and infrastructure.”

Operation Sirius Business is now changing its target and its forces are now moving towards the Avik system.


You will not be surprised if we tell you that Sirius Corporation has not yet bothered to speak on the subject.


At the same time, the influence of Pleiades Resources Enterprise also seems to be falling in some of the systems that the organization has under its control. It is impossible to say for the moment whether this is the result of a coordinated attack or just the fruit of the usual game of influential movements. We will keep you informed as soon as we have more details.


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