The lie behind the community goal

dans Federation/Palin/Thargoids Par

A community goal has been launched by the Federation the 6th of july.


It is about going to deliver generators, geological equipment as well as Meta-alloy in order to… read carefully: build another outpost for Pleiades Resource Enterprise in the Pleiades sector.

A vantage point to monitor Thargoids activities, they said.

Deliveries are to be made at Blackmount Orbital, at HIP 17692. The blackmount. See the irony.

Pleiades Resources Enterprise already has 12 outposts in the sector. Let us explain how an additional outpost will increase our chances of knowing what the Thargoids could do?

But the most curious: in what way could geological equipment, especially Meta-alloy, be useful for the construction of such an outpost?


We already hear some arguing that the Federation needs to protect itself from imperial imperialism, if I may say so, when others will say that we do need such facilities to protect us from the Thargoids.


We cannot believe a single word of it!


A year ago almost to the day, the Federation had already attempted an expansion in the Pleiades sector, then entrusted to Future of Segovan, and which had ended in a fiasco after a lively reaction of the imperial minions. At the time, it was not required to supply Meta-alloy for the construction of these outposts. This was 5 months after Professor Ishmael Palin asked the community for help in establishing a new research center in Maia.


The Federation had entrusted the management of its expansion in the Pleiades sector to Future of Segovan until August 3302. During this month, as outlined above, the Empire standed up, creating controversy.

It is after this period that we see the first Pravnet’s wire stories about Pleiades Resource Enterprise.


The entry on the stage of PRE was not discreet. On August 11 of the same year, the organization launched a call to arms to the federates to fight the imperial presence in the sector of the Pleiades, and more precisely Imperial Inquisition.

Pleiades Resource Enterprise is then presented as a federal organization, without more information about the entity.

Is it a corporation?

That seems to be the case. It does not hesitate to use weapons to achieve its objectives, but it is not new. Sirius Corporation, as many others, used to do that.

A federal organization.

The term is vague enough to leave room for all sorts of speculations. In any case, it was to this entity that was entrusted the expansion of the Federation in the sector.


But since it is established that PRE has its own private military force, why do we, too, venture on some theories?


Recently, it came as a shock to hear that a mysterious private military force, supposedly linked to the feds, had committed mass murder against unarmed civilians and had also tried to prevent us from accessing the data that enabled us to discover the first Thargoids site in the Pleiades. Cmdr Hyford, was in charge of transporting people to serve as subject of experimentation. His shipment was for private military complex in Pleiades Sector. His story was found at a listening post on Neche system he hacked to let some clues behind him.

He was attacked by a private military force while en route to deliver his last shipment. He finally succeed to escape and flew to Colonia. Followed the clues, the Cmdrs of the Singularity Mouvement involved in this investigation finally drop to Pleiades Relay Station PSJ-17, located at Celaeno system and found evidences of a link between the Hyford story and the PRE activities on Pleiades Sector. The word “overlook” is mentioned twice in a way that suggest that is could be the name of the HQ of this private military force. This HQ is clearly localized on the area where the PRE outpost are settle, which is near the area where we found the Thargoid sites. The ships activities around the Pleiades Relay Station PSJ-17 are also very strange and suggest a link with the mysterious Diamondback Explorer we saw last year near Obsidian Orbital, at Maia.

Meanwhile, it was reported that a private military forces had orders to destroy the data that led us to the first Thargoid site.

If you add to that that the very last Thargoid site is inaccessible due of a permit lock whilst we could found all the others, and you’ll begin to see a very interesting tapestry emerge.


In recent hours, Cmdr Hruine was able to get in touch with him and they exchanged a few words.


Here is the very beginning of the transcription of the conversation:


Cmdr Hruine: Hi o7

Cldr Hyford: Hi there!

Cmdr Hruine: How'd the thing in Colonia go? You safe yet? 
The feds really seem to be pushing an agenda...

Cmdr Hyford: Not so great- got gunned down. Have fled to far off nebula. 
Not sure if it is the Feds. But someone. Corporate.


This is during this chat that Cmdr Hyford talk about his mission.


Hyford: Erm... It was passengers... 
I had no idea they were to be used for experiments. Honest.”


It is possible that Cmdr Hyford has been instrumentalized to draw our attention to recently discovered Thargoids sites. And while we all looked at these amazing discoveries, PRE and the Federation continued to place their pawns on the chessboard.

The latest one is this new Community mentioned above, at the very beginning of the article.


However, we must not reject the hypothesis that Cmdr Hyford would have been the grain of sand in the beautiful mechanics that was supposed to be this whole story. The puppetmaster has already demonstrated to us that he was not totally infallible.


As always, The Onionhead disclaims any responsibility for possible maltreatment of words and verbs during the writing of this article.