Wreaken Wrecked

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In case you missed that, adored reader, the Galaxy derails.

There was a time not so far away, the superpowers didn’t need you so much to expand. At the time, they had their own means to carry out their imperialist policies, and when they appealed to you, it was for punctual missions, in order to remain well hidden, like when an INRA pilot delivered a certain virus to our dear visitors.

Today, the superpowers are like franchises of fast food chains. They almost don’t do anything themselves, or just the bare minimum to keep their brand capital afloat. The rest is you doing it.

Sorry if I repeat that once again but you must remember that: maintaining these puppets to the level where they are now, or even to make them rise of a on single stage only, is deleterious for the Galaxy.



I’ve been torn, in recent times, between hilarity and depression by reading your reactions to recent events on the Holo-net. The majority of the comments clearly indicate that almost everyone has swallowed without chewing the official version.

With the exception of a few people, everyone flips because the-Thargoids-are-back-and-are-going-to-rekt-us, and at the same time, everyone wants to battle with them .

Under these conditions, it is certain, we are heading for a new war against the Thargoids. And there we are wrong because we absolutely haven’t the level.

Enough time passed between the previous war and the one that seems to be on the horizon so that they have had time to strengthen their means of attack and defense. You can be assured that this time, a simple virus, even modified, couldn’t do more to save our ass.


Our ships are designed to fight ships equipped with our technology, and they are very good at that. Our tactics and strategies are perfect when it comes to destroying human ships.

But you can believe me, all this will be totally ineffective against the Thargoids.



Your attempts, though falling under the common sense, to organize yourselves for this confrontation, are derisory.

You will eat fat, very fat!

And the worst part is that you are aware of that, but that doesn’t stop you from wanting to go anyway.



Be assured that it will take time for our engineers before they allow us to defend ourselves decently, and even more to attack effectively.

And in the meantime, there will be deaths, many dead, far too many dead.

In your megalomaniac delirium to want to demonstrate to these higher beings who came from elsewhere that it is you who has the biggest dick, you will trigger a conflict that will decimate a huge part of the humanity. And that also you know, but you do not care. All that counts for you is the size of your dick, but most importantly, that everyone knows that you have the biggest one.


The superpowers have fallen under the ground for having decided to franchise and entrust these franchises to you to ensure their imperialist policies.

Proof of this is the release of the 13th Legion. You certainly remember, if you are a diligent reader of our articles, that we have recently spoken of the lack of efficiency of the Intelligence Service of the 13th Legion. They re-offend here with this statement accusing Mahon of being probably in collusion with the Thargoids, posing as a sole argument a hypothetical report that would mention it (I put all that to the capitalized conditional, eh!). Thus, they condemn Mahon on the basis of a report whose we haven’t yet seen nothing. And in my opinion, we will never see it simply because it doesn’t exist.

They are so credible, all those fools of the trigger, when they tell us they are our protectors. It would be laughable if the stakes were not so serious.


The superpuppets have lost all grandeur, all dignity, all honor!

And that doesn’t prevent them from claiming that they are all, too, and in their own way, the protectors of humanity, but by proxy: they do everything by proxy lately.



No way !



Fortunately there are a few people who are still worth a visit. It makes me feel better. I tell myself that all isn’t lost, finally, even if we are on the edge of the precipice.


A recent example is eloquent enough for me to share it with you, though it has gone almost unnoticed because of the censorship of our beloved Pravnet.




In November 3302, a public call was launched by Wreaken Construction and Mining.

The corporation is historically very close to Sirius Corporation since the two subsidiaries of Sirius Corp., Sirius Navy and Sirius Mining, have had a symbiotic relationship with the corporation since its inception, with Wreaken Construction purchasing mining equipment from Sirius Mining while that Sirius Navy ensures the protection of the sites of Wreaken Construction and the sustainability of the faction in the systems it controlled. It is also a major supplier to the Federation as well as leading shipbuilders.


I open a parenthesis that I will close very quickly.


A few days ago we published an article about the troubling elements that leave doubt about the culprit of the HIP 17044 incident, as well as another one about the relationship between Sirius Corporation and Palin. Maybe all this is in close relationship with what is happening right now.


Parenthesis closed.



On November 18, 3302, Wreaken successfully concluded his public call. It was to sell him the resources necessary to build a convoy of construction and logistics vessels. What purpose ?

The company didn’t say anything, counting on the greed of the majority of Cmdrs who people this beautiful Galaxy so as not to have to say more. It is well known, greed renders blind, deaf and dumb.


Between November 3302 and January 3303, no one heard of Wreaken Construction. At least until January 27th.

On that date, Pravnet published an article that referred to an “industrial accident” that caused the death of a person at a construction site of the box located in Col 70 Sector. It was impossible to identify the victim because it had been disfigured by very strong radiation. If we stick to Wreaken, it would be a person who tried to illegally enter the facility and was the victim of a malfunction that caused his death. According to the official version, the victim deserved his doom, he had nothing to do there. After all, it is a dangerous industrial site and people who don’t work for the corporation are not aware of the security measures in force on this kind of site.



But what kind of site is this?


The reaction of the representative of Wreaken leaves doubt as to the reality of the facts. If one keeps strictly to this news Pravnet, nothing prohibits to think that the victim could be murdered. Of course, there is no evidence to support this conclusion. An investigation has been carried out by the local authorities and it is still awaited that its progress, or even its conclusions, will be made public. In my opinion, we will wait a long time. These are certainly not people with a goldfish memory who will pull their ears so that they make the findings public.


Notably, however, the location of the Wreaken Construction site is in the middle of an area that is inaccessible to ordinary pilots like you and me since access is blocked by a permit. The Federation of Pilots, responsible for setting up these permits, have never communicated the reasons for this blockage, if it ever known it.

After some research, it seems that this blockage is fairly recent and contemporaneous with the facts that occupy us. At least, and as far as we know, it was not effective until October 3302 and was already there after November of the same year!

It can be assumed that this permit has a direct link with Wreaken Construction’s activities in the sector.



I open a parenthesis briefly to remind you of an important fact related to this history of permits in Col 70 Sector.

Last March, a distress call was received from this sector. It was issued by a Cobra, based on telemetry data. We know today that it was the Cobra that had been used to steal meta-alloy at Daniell’s Progress, in the Maia system, by Cmdrs Salome, Raan Corsen and Tsu Annabelle Singh. It was not far from this sector that the hunting who had led to the tragic death of Salome had begun. Remember !

Parenthesis closed.


It is a protest movement launched four months ago by the Cmdr Scarlett Ashcroft who has put us in the wake of this whole story.

When I told you that not everyone was lost in this bloody Galaxy!



Launched initially as a peaceful protest, this movement eventually took on a little more significance and became somewhat more offensive since Wreaken Construction’s only response to this movement was to oppose it with the usual disdain the capitalists apply to the proles we are from their eyes.

Only the historian Drew Wagar gave a little more audience to this movement. For him, this movement is a movement of historical significance!

Nothing, on the other hand, on the Pravnet side, except for a news published in the local Pravnet of Sol (besides, this fact is rather curious since the Wreaken Construction main system is Ega, not Sol).



In the aftermath, this movement grew its ranks with the arrival of an group of pirates operating in the sector, nicknamed The Ghost Of Col 70.

They decided to undermine Wreaken Construction in the systems it controlled to cut off some of its financial and logistical resources. And this movement seems to succeed, if we strictly stick to this objective, even if it did not make move Wreaken Construction of an inch concerning “the accident” and even less the Federation of Pilots in subject of the permit.


If you want to follow the evolution of the situation live, follow this link. And you can update by visiting with ED Market Connector launched and connected to your EDSM account).


Today, Wreaken Construction no longer controls any of the systems where it has its feet, except for its main system, and its influence is constantly decreasing with the latest news, and this is due to a handful of people.


Wreaken Wrecked !


Thank you, Scarlett Ashcroft, for showing that we had the power to move the lines.


Imagine a little, dear reader, if you and your friends, decided to fuck a cheerful mess in the well-oiled mechanics of the expansionist policies of our dear puppets and their minions?

It would be enough to be a little more numerous to make move, not the lines, but the Frontier!



So, I’ll let you meditate on all this.


As usual, The Onionhead disclaims any responsibility for possible maltreatment of words and verbs during the writing of this article.