Are You Sirius?

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Are you Sirius when you say that Palin could protect us against the threat that come, with his research?

It seems, so.

First, I thought it was a joke but it is not.

Are you Sirius when you say that Palin is independant, that helping Palin is fighting against feds or imps ? Are you kidding me ?


Please, be serious for real !

Palin is on the hands of Sirius Corp. And it is absolutely not a guarantee of independence. In fact, Palin is a Sirius’s slave, nothing more.

The most he did with his research was to create corrosive resistant cargo holds !

The real serious thing done with his research was done by Sirius Corp. Sorry, by you, in fact (Sirius did nothing more than paying you to do the job). Remember, it was during the last year, when Sirius Corp asked us to provide meta alloy to the company, Sirius promised to increase resistance against corrosion to station services. Without your help, Sirius would done nothing more than a fart.

You have to understand me well : Palin is providing cargo modules that you can use to haul Unknown Artifacts and sell it in black markets. That’s precisely what is destroying station services. And Sirius requested you help to increase station service resistance to avoid the problem Palin created. It is what I’d call self-fulfilling prophecy. And today, Palin request your help to provide him with the data you can catch by scanning wakes of the unknown ship, and you believe that this guy will help us against what he’s considering like a threat without any evidences of that ? You put your trust on them ?

Are you Sirius ?

Sirius is not independent. Sirius is helpless. Sirius is powerless. Sirius is just a puppet, like all the other inappropriately called “super powers”.

And you ?

Well, you are just their slaves. Do you realize that you are slaves of puppets in the hands of another one ?

By accepting this slavery condition, you give his power to the puppetmaster.

Stop help the helpless, stop power-playing the powerless, and the puppetmaster will lose his real power.